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1st grade trouble

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Posted Apr 11, 2008 at 4:42:52 PM
Subject: 1st grade trouble

Teachers and/or parents please help! My son was diagnosed w/ADHD 2 weeks ago. He was tested because the school said he is at risk of retention and at this time of the school year he should be more focused and should have shown some improvement from last semester, the teracher says he is constantly off task and talks a lot. Since finding out I have begun a positive behavioral modification/reward system at home. This has worked great. However, my issues is at school. He has not shown any improvement in behavioral at school. The teacher has him filling out a daily behavioral chart but there are mostly sad faces and she gets frustrated and says he is constantly off task and his behavior is unacceptable. She has seperated him from the group and still he seems to find someone to talk to. What are some techniques we can try at school? Would it be a bad idea for him to have a reward system at school as well? How do I get the teacher to be more involved?

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