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5 year old son Auditory Processing Problems

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Posted Apr 17, 2008 at 10:12:57 PM
Subject: 5 year old son Auditory Processing Problems

My 5 year old son is placed in an Early Intervention preschool run by our public school district. He will turn 6 in June and he will enter Kindergarten this Fall. Several specialists suspect that he has APD. He also has a language delay but has normal speech. He speaks in 6-10 word sentences and puts sentences together i.e. "Ok mommy, I'm going upstairs to put on my red pants. I'll be right back". He communicates his wants, needs and feelings well. We can leave him with a sitter that he has never met and he will communicate with his routine to her so we don't have to leave a note.

He often has difficulty answering simple questions, at times i.e. "when" and "where" questions. He will answer questions inappropriately at time i.e. "When do you go to bed? answer: "in your bed". He has big problems with "how" questions and inconsitently answers "why" questions. His ability to answer question is inconsitent. Tonight, I asked him "What do you do with a tooth brush and what do you do with shampoo?-he answered these correctly. I asked him a series of similar questions last night. He answered a number of them incorrectly. When I re-asked him the same questions, he answered all, about6 correctly.

He does not tell stories the way most kids his age do i.e. "At school, we went to the library and I got a book about frogs". Mike got sick and went home". He will answer specific questions, in brief terms but never tells stories. He has problems with directions, again at times, other times he can follow a 3 step direction. At school he almost never self-initiates, he needs cueing and reassurance to act. He does not seem to have an attentional issue. He is very quiet and reserved at school. He only speaks when spoken to. He is cooperative and is described as "eager to please". At home he self-initiates much more and is much more outgoing. I seems somewhat more immature than most kids his age, overall.

One thing I find particularly strange is that I do an activity with him where I ask him to "put 4 orange pegs on a peg board" He complies. "put 2 green ones" etc. He has very little problem locating the correct color and number of pegs from a coffee can and putting them on the board. This seems like an auditory processing activity?????

He seems to be bright. He has started reading sight words, learned about 40 in 6 weeks. He recognizes all letters of the alphabet and knows all letter sounds. He is learning to rhyme. He rote counts to 40 and counts objects to 20. He recognizes numerals 0-40 He knows shapes and all colors. If you ask him what shape a door is he can tell you "rectangle" and argyle pattern "diamond".

He can copy a simple block design and other patterns. He can recite his name, address including city, phone number, mommy and daddy's name, his birthdate, his age, his sister's age. He catches a football from about 15' and smaller balls from 10' away. He throws well, hits a a ball off a tee well and can hit a ball pitched to him rather well. He writes his first name, strings beads, buttons shirts, cuts out shapes including circles with scissors independently. He can dress himself, zip his own coat and manage socks and shoes (velcro).

I recently was informed that he will not be accepted into a Catholic school for Kindergarten because he needs to have more assistance from an aide than they can provide for him there. This is due to his need for cuing and reassurance. So, we will put him in the public school with an IEP from the EI preschool. I am disappointed but I know this is best for my son. I am very nervous as to how he will do in school. Any insight or comments into this situation would be very much appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Posted:Apr 22, 2008 11:35:00 AM

Karoline, post your questions at http://millermom.proboards107.com, you will get some response from the members there.

Learning Disabilities (LD) and ADHD, Education Support, The*SAFE*Site http://millermom.proboards107.com

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Posted:Apr 22, 2008 8:38:39 PM

My 10 yr old daughter has dyslexia and APD. She has always had a very hard time with those words: what, when, who and she always has had difficulty telling a story. I think it's a sequencing problem. She's grown out of a lot of that.

I wanted to reply to you though mostly because I wanted to tell you that you are much better off not having your son in Catholic school. I have an older son who spent his first 8 years in Catholic school and did wonderfully. He does not have learning disabilities and has always been a good student. We assumed that my daughter would follow the same path. She went to that same school for Kindergarten and it was the absolute worst school year she's ever had. They could not give her the accommodations she needed, yet they refused to admit she may have an LD and have her tested. They spent the entire year blaming me for "not working with her enough"! Her teacher was careless and really broke her self esteem down. We pulled her out and put her in public school. She wasn't classified until 2nd grade, but I have to say that public schools can at least offer programs and accomodations for kids with LD. We have a tiny public school that has limited resources and there are certainly things I'd like to see improved, but all in all, I am so happy we took my daughter out of Catholic school.

Best of luck to you!

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Posted:May 18, 2008 3:46:47 PM

I know you had your heart set on Catholic school for him. He can't make it there without a class assistant to repeat directions and give cues. He will be better in a public school with an IEP plan and pullouts for services.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is not usually tested until the age of 8 or 9. The myelon sheath around the brain is still thinning out and maturing. So, testing at a younger age just might give an inaccurate result.

You can be assured that the therapies help learning disabilities accross the board. Regardless of the specific type he has, he will improve with therapies.

Everything depends on progress. I hope your son continues to progess into next year. Let us know how he is doing.


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