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Help!! Urgently need ideas for math programs

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Posted Apr 23, 2008 at 10:00:48 AM
Subject: Help!! Urgently need ideas for math programs

Looking for a math program that works well for students with LD's, processing issues in language, visual and auditory areas, perceptual issues, memory issues and likely dyscalculia. This is for older students and it must work well for remediation. Numerous gaps need to be filled in starting at mid first grade. Students are 11/12 yrs. old in the 5th/6th grade.

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Posted:Apr 24, 2008 7:58:29 AM

I use Math U See in my resource room with several different "types" of students and I have also loaned part of it to a friend who has a daughter with Down's, who is loving it. It is a K-12 program and many, many parents use it to first fill in gaps, as you said, to bring the child up to where they are supposed to be, and then continue on with it through high school. The web site is www.mathusee.com; from there you can order a free DVD that will give you an overview of the program; you can also connect with a Yahoo group of parents and some teachers who are using it. On that group you can find support and ideas on using the program; many of the parents use it with children with assorted disabilities/dyslexa/dyscalculia. It is also much more affordable than other programs that are popular. The set up will allow the parent/teacher and the student to first learn the concept, practice it and then demonstrate mastery with assorted manipulatives, as needed, and do as many practice problems from the student book as needed. There are 3 pages of "new problems" and 3 pages of review work. The three pages of review also include more word problems that review past concepts as well as the current concept. I always do those pages with my students, even if I have let them skip one of the practice pages before them. You do as much or as little as you need. Test booklets are also included; some use them as tests; others simply as another page of practice. Word problems are included throughout starting with the first few pages typically. I highly recommend this program ~ the kids in my resource room for math this year have focused only on multiplication, divsion, and fractions this year; however, they know those skills better than their peers in the math class we occasionally join, whose teacher, a friend of mine, is pulling her hair out that at the end of 6th grade these kids still don't know their multiplication facts (mostly due to lack of effort); mine either do or are learning them, and can apply them to do find common denominators. Also, feel free to e-mail me at JLaRosee@msn.com if you have specific questions.


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