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Helo!!! School district labeled my son retarded

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Posted Apr 29, 2008 at 2:04:09 PM
Subject: Helo!!! School district labeled my son retarded

Please read my previous post about my 5 year old son

Thanks Karoline!

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Posted:Apr 29, 2008 4:58:26 PM

Your previous post doesn't mention any testing that was done, what kind of scores he got, etc. If you disagree with the school testing results you can request an Independent Educational Evaluation at public expense.

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Posted:May 01, 2008 12:12:49 AM

When our district added a category of eligibility (I think that's what it is called) we had to agree to it, which we did. They added the specific learning disability and it was a whole other form we had to sign. I think if we did not agree we could have not signed it and asked for a second opinion. Maybe you can do that too if you disagree.


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Posted:May 07, 2008 3:50:31 PM

If you live in America, you can do whatever you want. Weather or not the school chooses to accept it... Is their choice depending on the situation and what you signed etc... But there are proscedures for getting things over turned. Seriously.... The stories i could tell you of what schools have tried to do for me..... WOW... Would make your skin crawl. This is why, it is important. That you get advice. Not from a forum. But from a lawyer if you signed anything. From the experts of your choosing. Also and maybe in most important part from your child. You might also want to talk to other parents who have been through these systems. If they are trying to put your child on medication, you may want to look into what has become all too common these days. Many schools, actually receive money from the drug company for every child on medication.... Same thing is true of the experts. Or atleast it was in the 80s and 90s...

As for weather or not your child is retarded... You are his parent. No one, but your child knows him better than you do. You remember that. You insist, as the lables they give him have a life long affect and in essence limit him for ever after, that they provide you with organic proof of what ever they are claiming he has. If they can't do it or won't tell them they can wait in line behind a local dog by the nearest fire hydrant. You are all your child has. You are who your child relies upon for protection. You need to make sure that you are getting the best advice. You must not allow yourself to be bullied by schools or experts. At the same time.... They may be presenting valid concerns. Hearing them out and considering their words, and trying to take an objective view periodically is a very good idea. Do not sign anything because they tell you to. Do not agree with anything they say unless, you have had professionals of your own choosing verifying their findings and organic evidence is presented to back it all up. Take your time. Don't let them rush you. If you need to think before signing something, say so! And if they get icky at you, tell em, hey! Your best hope is to give me time because i am not signing anything until i have taken my time to properly evaluate it as i feel is necesary. If you force my hand i won;t be signing anything!

Your child, has no civil rights. Your child needs you to protect him or her. Your child, is *YOUR PROPERTY* in simplified terms. No one loves your child as much or like you do. The education system is just that. A system. It is a machine. It will bulldoze anyone who just stands by or stands back as commanded by the bulldozer drivers. You have to be the one to stand up to them because your kid has no rights. So they don't have to honor the rights he has not got. But they have to honor yours.

Lawyers are your friend. Your best friend. If you have trouble reading legal texts, don't be ashamed. Most of the world does. Take it to someone professionally trained to look at it before you sign something of that nature.

If you don't like the system, my advise is, file suit. Have your child labled by a professional of your choosing. Find a private school that is less a machine that is designed to help kids with his lable. A place that treats the kids with human decency and caring compassion as well as recognition they are human beings and have their own brand of intelligence. Then, go after the school as the state is legally required if you are a tax paying citizen to pay for your child's education. It is through the local school system that it pays. Good luck!!!

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