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New Book To Aid Understanding and Modifying Behaviour

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Posted May 07, 2008 at 5:39:29 PM
Subject: New Book To Aid Understanding and Modifying Behaviour

Hi there,

I thought I would tell you about a book I recently released titled 'Behaviour Skills for Parents and Support People'.

I am a Behaviour Specialist in New Zealand, and wrote this book specifically in response to the number of Parents I have met who were desperate for information they could understand and implement, and know that information was reliable and safe. My background is in working with families and support people who support a child or adult with an Intellectual Disability (or - Learning Disability) who had very challenging behaviour, many of whom were on the autism spectrum. My qualifications are a degree in Psychology and Post Graduate qualifications in ABA.

To date the book has had great feedback from those who have purchased it, and now it is more a matter of letting people know it is available and there to offer the help that so many deperately need.

It can be purchased Worlwide via the website - www.behaviourskills.com or by searching lulu.com for the title.

I also sell hundreds of my Toilet Training and Anger Management booklets, which numerous parents have found extremely helpful (these two chapters are also included in the book).

Feel free to also contact me via the website if you would like any other information or are seeking specialist advice on behaviour issues.

All the best,

Trevor Lewis
Author of 'Behaviour Skills For Parents and Support People'
ISBN 978-0-473-13161-6

'Behaviour Skills For Parents and Support People' available from www.behaviourskills.com

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