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Seeking other victims of ADHD stigma abuse.

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Posted May 07, 2008 at 9:21:51 PM
Subject: Seeking other victims of ADHD stigma abuse.

Hey, i am 27. Life rocks. I am very happy now.

But long ago, i was a helpless little girl. And i was raped. I was forced through my teens to have chemicals put into my body. I didn't like them, and be all admissions they were the wrong chemicals. The doctor that forced them on me and my parents, held in his hand and had read the report of the doctor who originally diagnosed me who was world renowned and stated i fell into a category of 5% of ADD sufferers who would NOT do well on riddlin. So what does this new doc do with that ritalin? Knowing i don't want to take it??? He forces it on me and bullies my parents around till they force it down my throat. I was screaming and crying and my parents were trying so hard to do the right thing for me what was in my best interests. I kept telling everyone i don't want this crap in my body! It makes me feel.... not good. I don't feel better i feel worse.... This drug makes me less able to control violent tendencies (which everyone has every now and again. We are all just able to edit ourselves.) Well the meds turned off my editor. They were giving me something that had the same affect as cocaine. The school was grinning joyously, my parents were feeding me and following doctor's advice, DSS, would not have helped me. I had no one to turn to. I was alone and raped by these 'experts' with foreign substances forced into my body against my will. I am not a disease, i am a person. I had feelings then i have them now. To this days i can't sleep. To this day i have nightmares. I still bathe and or shower 3 times a day as i have since i was 14. I can't get clean.... I have a good life now. I am fine.... Except.... I feel tainted and dirty from this exposure to unwanted substances forced into my body. You can not legally force yourself on a 14 year old sexually, why should it be any more legal to force medication down their throats? I want to see a law written i want to see something come from all my suffering. 25 years later they are still experimenting on children like they are lab mice. I have had enough. They told me, while doing it to me they did it so that later other children wouldn't have to suffer like i was suffering.... That was.... 20 years ago. Someone needs to do something related to disabled children's rights. I was never a danger to myself or anyone else. I was never a disturber of class. I was the little girl sitting quietly not bothering anyone doodling rather than reading the catcher in the rye for the 5th time in 4 years. Prolly cuz i read it 7 times already. Someone needs to set some boundaries around what these experts can say and do. Because.... Years and years and years of my life went down the crapper... Courtesy of them None of us adults who were diagnosed as children makes what our 'normal' counterparts are making. Not because we are not as good, but because of the stigma. Even socially i was not doing too badly while they force fed me the poison. They just liked dosing me up. 90% of the world's ritalin supply is going into american children. Most under 16 years of age. even car accidents are being blamed on us and there is a rise in the belief that having ADHD makes you a murderer. google is your friend. The fact remains. there is 0 evidence of any tangible variety beyond the word of these experts, that support the existance of ADHD. Honestly, i don't know what to think, what i know is there is no difference in the brain or it's functioning or chemical balance that can distinguish us from "normal' people. I know how much it hurt me to read the experts and their callousness in describing me and others with ADHD that had been so labled based on no hard evidence and only the subjective opinion of someone who got some cool piece of paper and declared hiumself an expert. If it exists, i want evidence after 50 years of study and the torture i have endured. If it doesn't.... I want to see our kids left alone by the drug companies. There are legitimate cases of medicating children. I do believe that. I just believe that the vast majority are not that. Even the founder of this disorder feels it is over diagnosed and over medicated. I want to find a way to use my experience to be sure that all that was done to me can never happen to another child. I know some liked their medicine, good for you i am glad you were helped. But many of us were in all effect raped by science. We need to make them realize that they can not continue doing this to children. Because i need to be able to sleep at night.... Sorry for ranting this has been pent up a very looong time. But i do mean it, if we don't start speaking out, no one will. And no one will save the next generation of lab experiments. I think if someone is not dieing even if they are under age and no tangible evidence of an actually disorder or illness can be found.... And even the written information about the methods experts are using written by experts admit to it's subjjective nature, that kids should have the right to say no thank you!
Please... it is time.... We all should have gotten together to promote better treatment of children like us a long time ago. I don't like being talked about by experts in words that say i am as retarded as the clinically retarded. I have even read claims riddlin makes children more mature. Seriously... It needs to be done. And we are the only ones who can do it.

Thank you for listening to my rather insane rant... And hopefully you won't jusdge me based on it, but maybe will think about a few things i have said and the sentiments involved, and help me.

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