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best possible use of summer time---HELP

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Posted May 15, 2008 at 9:05:08 AM
Subject: best possible use of summer time---HELP

We will have our grandsons this summer. Our son is divorced and gets the boys 3 weekends each month and all summer. They will be with us while he is at work. All of us want to help with the difficult time they have with reading. Both are on IEP's. Nick is finishing 5th grade and only reads at a second grade level.So many people have so many different ideas on how to help them. Their mother won't work with them. I also have heard that when a child reaches about age 12, it is almost impossible to get them to improve. This frightens me. How could we best use our summer to help them in reading. Thank you. I worry about their future.
Thank you

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