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Posted May 21, 2008 at 6:15:41 AM
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I propose a higher plane of sentience that others are functioning above, that is paralyzing, seen at first with the subconscious, unspoken, and this plane of existence, of war even, is going on all around us. No one informs us of it. You have to discover it. It is like the red or blue pill scenario here. If you have interest at all in what I'm saying and you a.) have thought you've heard things, people whisper things or say things about you in ways where they were like puppeteers and the sound was paralyzing and unidentifiable; b.) have experienced great prejudice from others, experienced a kind of hate that you found unfathomable; and/or c.) have suffered from great anxiety around people, please make a comment in this forum, or PM me with information on how to contact you privately.

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