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Parent with adhd child-question

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Posted May 31, 2008 at 2:04:17 PM
Subject: Parent with adhd child-question

I'm new to this forum.
My daughter was dx'd with adhd on Wednesday.
I was wondering, from a teacher's point of view, what I can do to help my child.
All her academic tests came back average to above average except for oral language and academic knowledge. She's in the 2nd grade. the child study team is attributing that to her adhd - but what can I do to work of filling in these gaps? I would like to work with her over the summer before 3rd grade, any suggestions????
Thanks in advance.

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Posted:Jun 01, 2008 3:17:00 AM

Language and academic knowledge?

Language is easy to atleast improve (most likely) You have to figure out your child's learning style. Is your child visual auditory or other?

If your child learns through listening start talking. The more verbalization you kid hears, the more she will be better at talking herself.

Ennglish is my *third* language. What is scary is i started speaking it at 9 months old. But i grew up in a very weird environment so i am a bad example. Often children spoken to often learn the quickest to use language though.
Try using large words more often and as you go explain what they mean. Use the same word often and give the definition etc.... That is how they turned me into a verbal demon at a very young age in multiple languages.

If your daughter is more visual.... How is her literacy? You could try making her read alot ooor well.... Maybe not *making* but more like getting her more interested in reading maybe offer rewards for it. Because the more she reads the more she will gain academic info and the more her vocabulary should improve and stuff....

That is about all i can think of. Someone else may have better ideas....

Oh! One more thought.... I know it worked wonders for my ephasic cousin i hope i spelled that right.... Sorry i am dyslexic... I have always been very musical and so one day my cousin came from California to visit. My aunt was at her wits end had no idea what to do sh couldn't understand her daughter. So i tried talking to my cousin. What i found, was that she nuked her vowels beyond recognition. Also she was very shy she knew she sounded funny.... So, i went over and i just kinda said n0ot to be nosy, but has anyone ever tried voice lessons? As in learning to sing and to make a healthy round sound? One of the most issues in vocal tech is using the vowels and making them right.
My mum and aunt stood there stunned. So for the week my cousin was there i taught her myself since i am not just multi lingual. My first music experience was at 2. I make ancient instruments and i play several. Also, studied voice at the university level and all through my life. Including master classes with some amazing people.... By the time my cousin went home... There was a massive change in her confidence most importantly but my aunt could understand her significantly better. They continued her voice lessons in cali and it changed her life. Soon she is going to college. Weather pronciation is an issue or weather there is a lack of confidence if there is one... Ya can't go wrong with good voice lessons just be sure it is a breath based technique and that the teacher does *not* try to classify your daughter till her mid teens. Before that children should be singing in many registers. Ofcourse if your kid is a super high soprano like me, you may want to find another home for any chrystal you have.... Or make rules related to vocalizing above high G. That is if your dhild takes to such lessons, dunno really what to suggest. That is all i have got for ya....So hopefully someone else has more. Good luck!

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