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attention problems.

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Posted Jun 25, 2008 at 4:52:21 AM
Subject: attention problems.

I am homeschooling y 6 year old son and I am finding it extemely difficult to keep my son focused on an activity. I caqn't seem to keep his attention on something for very long. Is there anyone out there with some effective strategies that have worked for you in keeping your kids focused?

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Posted:Jun 27, 2008 10:01:51 AM

Do you have a separate room or area that you are homeschooling in? Are you doing a lot of "hands-on" learning vs paper/pencil work?

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Posted:Jun 27, 2008 6:37:22 PM

yeh, i have found that most 6 year olds are really not so into the sit around at the table writing busy work all day... If the problem is he can't handle that... I wouldn't be scared i would be relieved that my kid isn't a boring kid and totally abnormal.... If however, he can't pay attention to more hands on things.... And if it is really limiting him i might take him in and have him diagnosed. Then tell the expert you don't want to know the diagnosis, only what you can do to help him, because one's view of a person changes when a label gets involved. One may still love support and cherish etc the labeled person, but they become different some how.... Soooo best not to know i think nyway and find what will help as opposed to the official name for what is wrong. But that part is just my personal view and opinion we all have our own way.

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