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dyslexia programs?

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Posted Jul 04, 2008 at 1:58:21 PM
Subject: dyslexia programs?

Hi, all! My daughter (9) was diagnosed with Dyslexia toward the end of this school year. Now that school is out for the summer, I really want to find some type of tutor, tutoring program, anything to help her make some progress (or at least not regress) over the summer. Has anyone heard of Davis Dyslexia Center? I am looking for independant reviews... someone who is not affiliated with the centers. I am also wondering if anyone has seen positive results with Sylvan or other chain tutoring programs... Thank you for your feedback/ advice...

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Posted:Jul 05, 2008 1:23:32 AM

Orton Guillingham Method. Best damn thing ever. As a dyslexic who would be unable to write this little note without it, i would swear by it. But there are quite a number of other such methods. I however am not familiar with them. Orton Guillingham however, i know and love and i would like to see the catholic church make the creator/s of this method saints. So many would be illiterate had they not created this wonderful method. This method gave me the ability to do more than read and write. It gave me the ability to learn *ANYTHING* i want to know and more importantly it gave me the ability to live.... If not for this method, my carreer and my fiance would not ever have been possible as both have had some need for writing or well... never would have met my fiance for example. That is my advice. Orton Guillingham. Best of luck. Just because i like to pee as often as possible on the experts.... I speak 6 languages both written and verbal in all my dislexic glory, i also read and write music notation of the modern western variety and that of the ancient greeks. I am a student of egyptology and have worked a bit in my field translating the hieroglyphs. I wasn't including this in my list of 6 languages. I also translate hieratic and old coptic too.... Having dyslexia, means it is difficult to get started and can make even the beginning practice hard. But once it clicks..... One can do anything one chooses! Sometimes it just means an alternative method or route! Don't let those experts scare you. I would like to know what they would say to me now.... Because back when i was your daughter's age, i couldn't spell my own first name.

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Posted:Jul 05, 2008 9:10:30 AM

Its good that you had success with O-G. Many dyslexics, like my daughter, cannot learn phonics. My daughter is a visual learner and thinks in pictures. She knows all the phonics rules but does not apply them. The Davis method is geared for people who think in pictures instead of words. She has had great success with Davis.

I am a parent interested in helping my 19 yo dtr, newly dx with dyslexia and working memory problems, start and be successful in college.

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Posted:Jul 07, 2008 8:12:10 PM

If you live in Texas, I would check into Scottish Rite Hospital/Learning Centers. They provide the Take Flight Program which has the five components recommended by the National Reading Panel. I have seen wonderful results and highly recommend the program.

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