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Posted Jul 05, 2008 at 8:43:50 AM
Subject: Organization

Has anyone out there tried [url]www.adhdnanny.com [/url]? I just came across it as I was searching for a way to help my daughter be more organized. She never does her chores and forgets everything! I feel like I am constantly nagging her. I did sign up for this adhd nanny program and she really loves it so far. I just put in all of her chores and upcoming events and now she can go to the computer to keep her day organzied. She even gets to decorate her own room within the program. She seems to really love it (and I definitely love it - no nagging for a little while) but we've only been using it for a few days. I was just wondering if anyone has used this program yet and was it successful for your family?
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Posted:Jul 11, 2008 5:06:31 AM

I've never herd of that but it does sound like it could be pretty useful for children with a poor memory for remembering such things. I no that a as a child I could of done with something like that.

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