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Feedback on Tomatis Method?

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Posted Jul 11, 2008 at 11:34:42 AM
Subject: Feedback on Tomatis Method?

My six year old will begin Tomatis therapy in two weeks and I'm looking for feedback on the program. I understand every kid is different, so I'm not looking for a general "did it work" but am trying to get a more specific sense of 1.) what goals were outlined for your child when the therapy began, 2.) how were they measured and 3.) were they met? Many of the the other therapies (Lips, Interactive Metronome, Fast Forword) seem to have more concrete, outlined goals and address a 'higher level', if you will, of processing. I'm looking at Tomatis to address some base-level processing issues but am unsure of what questions to ask the provider in terms of goal measurement. Any help/input would be much appreciated.

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