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personal 'dyslexia' stories

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Posted Jul 24, 2008 at 12:18:09 PM
Subject: personal 'dyslexia' stories

Hi everyone,

I wonder if there are any parents of dyslexic children or any dyslexic adults out there who would be willing to share their story?
The journey from diagnosis, through the challenges, acceptance and growth could be hugely inspiring and motivational for other dyslexics.

I would like to publish some of these stories on hubpages (not for profit or commercial gain) so that anxious parents/adults can find them and seek comfort and information from someone else who has been there.

If you would be willing to do so, please send your story to me: nikkiuglow@hotmail.co.uk




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Posted:Nov 25, 2008 9:57:41 AM

Hi Nikki

The problem with dyslexia is that it is a man made problem.
Dyslexia is about having problems with a secondary man made communication system, the visual notation of Speech. Which in our culture is called the written word.
There are many neurologicla issues which can cause these dyslexic symptoms which can relate to either ot both sensory and motor information processing problems / disabilities / disorders.
Dyslexia is only a symptom of one or more of these neurological problems and is merely a useful umbrella term.

So recognising dyslexia is only the first step for an assesseent to discover the real underlying neurologicla problems that are causing the dyslexic symptoms.

The neurologicla problems can range from both visual and auditory informatiuon processing disorders and motor issues such as dyspraxia. Most of these neurologicla problems have more than just the dyslexic problems accessing our man made lauguage.

Have a look at the recently revised Wiki dyslexia web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyselxia to see the realted issues.

beswt wishes


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