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I hate public toilets!

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Posted Jul 27, 2008 at 10:21:17 PM
Subject: I hate public toilets!

I'm new as of today. I've been surfing around the posts, have replied to some, and think it is wonderful that there are others out there who understand differences.
I'm not diagnosed NVLD as it's rather new and I was in grammar school in the 1970's. It really does seem to fit though. Especially the part about hypersensitivity to sound.
I was diagnosed multiple LD in 1996 and ADHD in 2005. In the interest of time, I won't go into detail about my experiences because if you read the articles on NVLD that's me in a nutshell.
Now about commercial toilets. They're just plain loud. So is thunder, the sound of a train horn, the jake brake on a truck, and a balloon popping.
I have found that I do all I can to avoid these sounds because it elecits a panic reaction. I won't go near a balloon booth at the fair, I plug my ears after using the John in Wal Mart (I use my foot to push the lever), and absolutely despise Harley Davidsons. Well, no, I want one -- just a muffled one.
Anyway, I've been gifted in the area of music. Took university courses when I was in junior high. Got recommended for Julliard but my social skills (or lack of) and resulting low self-esteem prevented that.
It was once suggested that I take a job as a linguist with the FBI. Too bad they require an advanced degree first.
Anyway, anyone else scared of public toilets, Harley Davidsons, and balloons? If so, please respond. If not, sorry for sounding like such a dweeb.


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Posted:Jan 01, 2011 7:14:02 PM

UTA in Arlington, Texas, has something new. It's an Undergraduate Certificate in TESOL. Finally, something at the Undergrad level! They tout it as something that can be used as a credential for college students who would like to teach English in a foreign country. There may be other colleges with a similar certificate. - jus'


Coursework & Requirements
Students must take the following courses, for a total of 15 hours:
• LING 3311: Introduction to Linguistic Science
• LING 4327: Language Acquisition
• LING 4353: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language
• LING 4354: Methods and Materials to Teach English as a Second or Foreign Language
• LING 4395: Internship in Linguistics and ESL
Ideally, students should start the sequence with 3311 and use 4395 as the final course in this sequence.

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