Adults with LD or ADHD

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Posted Aug 01, 2008 at 8:57:39 PM

Yes Mandi, he has been festering the board with his insane rhetoric for a long time. If you need proof look for posts made by "Jerry" or "Testaclese". You'll find that his writing style and topics are very similar.

They could ban this guy but he's like a cochroach. He'll return everytime! The best thing for you to do is pretend that he doesn't exist. He can't take no for an answer; he'll run this topic into the ground until he feels that he's won. There's no sense in us taking part in his fantasy, this is what he wants us to do. Obviously people won't give this kind of conversation the time of day in real life, so he feels that using a message board as a mask is the best thing to do. We're enabling the troll to control us!

Just thought I would fil you in! He generally would've sent a private message to me by now saying that he's going beat me up, but he hasn't. I'm impressed.

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