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hi this is my problem

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Posted Aug 25, 2008 at 11:14:15 PM
Subject: hi this is my problem

i want to go to college
so anyway last week i went to the college and they said
i would have to upgrade to take anything even
i would have to take math and English
it would be grade 12 math
like in high school i think i did only grade 3 math
like if i even tried i would probably fail horribly
this is really getting me depressed

so hearing college this and college that
just gets me down

not having a career at a certain age
your looked as a failure by society

i cant live like this forever :(

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Posted:Sep 15, 2008 12:03:22 AM

So here is what you do. You don't go *yet* You get a tutor. You learn what you need to know. You work your ass off. You get your junk together and THEN try again.

No you are right you can't live like this forever. It is *YOUR* life. Every single moment is yours. Ther question is, how will you use them? Feeling like piss or changing your situation and life by stopping slowing down and working hard for some time and putting in the leg work to get where you want to go so that you can go and be succesful.

There is one thing man is, what he makes himself. If you want to be something else, then go do it. Having LD is hardly an excuse to never get anywhere. Until about 6 months ago my math skills were limited to basic addition subtraction multiplication, fractions, and some algebra (very little.) My husband though, is a wonderful teacher. His job requires math skills that are beyond this world. Sooooo Now i can do calculus, and much of what come afterwards. But i spent alot of time and did huge amounts of work to get to this level and i had as i said the most amazing teacher ever. You CAN do anything you want in this life. You can be and do anything you want to. If you would rather pout about how much harder it is for you that is your problem but if you want to be one of those ppl that someday gets remembered for their innovative mind and their abilities and their powerful ability to overcome... The start studying at your level and do so immediately and often and you are literate, you can just read math books. So long as you can read there is NOTHING you can not learn. So go learn. Then go to college. Then graduate 1st and make a big speach about how without someone on a forum who gave you a small kick in the ass and a hand ful of good sense you would never have gotten anywhere. You want something? Go get it.

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