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Homeschoolilng my child with and LD

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Posted Aug 29, 2008 at 6:28:16 PM
Subject: Homeschoolilng my child with and LD

I was just looking for any advice from any of you who have or are schooling your child with and LD. I pulled my daughter out of public school after battling with the school for over two years. They said she was "shy" and that is why she was so behind. She is almost two years behind now. She struggles with reading, math, spelling....she has all the symptoms of Dispraxia but I have not been able to get her tested yet. I run into a wall everywhere. The school was no help (suggested holding her back), the pediatrician has not been a help either (suggested a tutor). She is 11 years old and constantly has problems with reversals, remembering basic math problems,she has also always been very behind with her motor skills, etc....Any ideas on curriculum? Any advice? Please help.

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Posted:Aug 31, 2008 2:17:34 PM

Are you looking for information on curriculum, structuring your day, or something different? I can give you some curriculums for decoding and math that are popular with homeschoolers - www.abcdrp.com for decoding and www.mathusee.com for math are both excellent, as is www.avko.com for spelling. Let us know what specifics you are looking for with materials. IN terms of getting your daughter diagnosed, you might try an educational consultant in your area - you may have to contact your state's association of the INternational Dyslexia Association -www.interdys.org and they should be able to give you names of folks who do testing, although be aware that it will run hundreds of dollars, at least. If there is a children's hospital in your area they may also do educational/psychological testing - you can contact them to see.


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