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Posted Sep 04, 2008 at 2:43:24 PM
Subject: PLEASE HELP???

I have a daughter who is 12, in 6th grade, and has a 504.

But here is some more information that I need your advice on please.

- I had her evaluated at University Hospitals in Cleveland in 1999 for speech and hearing and they said that she is having some problems with speech and she is borderline not up to speed for her age and to have her tested from the schools.

- I tried getting here into the Preschool program that our public schools offer here in Twinsburg, OH. So we did an MFE and unfortunately she did not qualify so then she was not able to get into the Preschool program.

- In first grade she scored a 96 which falls in the average range for cognitive assessment

- Then in 3rd grade when problems were starting we had another MFE done and here are some results:

WISC-IV ... she was found a full scale score of 88 for IQ Standard test, which falls in the low range. She scored an average range of 99 for her verbal comprehension. She scored a 91 for processing speed. She scored a 91 for her working memory. Her perpetual reasoning abilities fell in the low average range.

WIAT-II ... her basic reading skills fell in the low average range. Her math calculations fell in the low average range.

- When 4th grade came we had her OAT test results and they are ... Reading Achievement Results=357=Limited ... Acquisition of Vocabulary=Below Proficient ... Reading Process=Belwo Proficient ... Informational Text=Below Proficient ... Literaty Text=Below Proficient. Math Achievement Results=362=Limited ... Number, Number, Sense & Operations=Below Proficient ... Measurement=Below Proficient ... Geometry & Spatial Sense=Below Proficient ... Patterns, Functions & Algebra=Below Proficient ... Data Analysis & Probability=Below Proficient.

- 5th Grade came and her OAT results were and ... Reading=387=Very Low Basic range ... Below proficient in Acquisition & Vocabulary ... Below Proficient in Literary Text. Math Achievement Tests=396=High Basic Range ... Below Profiient in Geometry & Spatial Sense and Patterns, Functions.

- 5th grade we FINALLY got her a 504 and she gets many accommodations such as: extended time for classwork and assessments, small group setting for assessments and state testing, large projects assessments, and homework. Directions are read aloud and clarified except for state testing. Test corrections for assessments, she gets Wilson reading tutoring, she gets pulled out of class by an Instructional Assistant for any type of help she may need, she stays in for almost every contact time to get help with whatever she needs which is mostly for correcting tests to get a better grade or work that they are doing at that time. She also has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but is on no medications. The school tells me that she is getting everything she would be getting if she is on an IEP.

- Her 5th grade OAT results are Reading Achievement Results=387=Very low Basic Range ... Math Achievement Results=396=High Basic Range ... she has improved from 4th grade but is not Proficient in Acquisition & Vocabulary and Literary Text, Geometry & Spatial Sense, and Patterns, Functions & Algebra. VERY CONCERNED WITH NOT BEING PROFICIENT IN THESE AREA!!!!

- We are in 6th grade but it is only the 3rd week and the school tells me not to worry about the OAT test results from 5th grade that they are just a baseline scores for her. WELL I DO WORRY BECAUSE THEY AREAS SHE IS NOT PROFICIENT IN SHE HASN'T BEEN FOR A COUPLE FO YEARS NOW ... SO IS SHE PROGRESSING ... THE SCHOOL SAYS AS LONG AS SHE IS PROGRESSING WHICH SHE IS IN REGARD TO THESE TESTS ... then let's keep the same old 504 plan in place and keep working with that.

My questions and advice I need is ...what do you make of my daughters history. IS THE SCHOOL DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN OR SHOULD THEY BE DOING MORE? What can I do as a parent and get what Jill needs from the school ... what am I missing if anything? Should I have her evalauted privately? Should I start her on medication for her ADD/ADHD? HELP PLEASE!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE AND THANKS FOR BEARING WITH ME THROUGH THIS!!!

Lisa Rafferty

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Posted:Sep 05, 2008 4:41:40 AM

Yes, I would strongly suggest getting a private evaluation. So that you can get a clearer idea of the underlying issues. Also hold off on the medication.

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Posted:Sep 05, 2008 9:38:19 AM

This should have been taken care of a while ago. There are IEP plans just for ADHD. ADHD is a learning problem. She should be getting some occupational therapies in school and pullouts in small group for reading and math. She should be on medication. It gets to a point where you just can't do the work anymore. Executive functions with planning and organizing are affected. Doesn't she have book reports to do? How is she going to get that done? She will not turn in timely assignments or do the preparations necessary for a book report. For more information about the BRIEF survey for executive functions log onto www.schoolbehavior.com

This is a real problem. You need to give the Child STudy Team the evaluation and request an IEP for her.
Let us know how things go.


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Rosco P. Coltrane
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Posted:Sep 05, 2008 3:03:07 PM

The Section 504 plan should be able to address extended time for assignments and examinations. I would hope that this would already be an accomodation within her plan.

The school might be correct in saying that she is progressing but so are her same age peers. After looking over her 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade state mandated achievement tests, it would be easy for you to argue that the achievement gap isn't closing when compared to her peers.

Think of it this way....your daughter is walking up a flight of stairs, but her peers are ten steps ahead of her. Your daughter might gain five steps, but her peers are also gaining five steps at the same time, which still puts her ten steps behind.

Your daughter needs a more aggressive intervention plan in order to shorten the achievement gap. It doesn't look like a Section 504 plan will be enough. I would request a meeting and ask for a special education referral (i.e., evaluation).

Good Luck

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