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is it just terrible 2's or something else!???

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Posted Oct 02, 2008 at 8:25:29 AM
Subject: is it just terrible 2's or something else!???

I have a 2 yr old son, who is a bright and loving boy,
but he is so hyperactive, and badly behaved!

Everyone keeps saying it is just the terrible 2 stage, but i am sure there is more to it.
My brother was dx with ADHD when he was 15! mum had some troublw with him thinking he was just a "horrible" little boy.
Now this is what i am thinking of my own child, which is a terrible thing to think.

He cant sit still for longer then 10 seconds, and is constantly running, jumping climbing, screaming, shouting and just being a little horror!

I had the health visitor come and do a developmental check on him, and she said he seemed to have too much energy and i should do more with him, i did try to explain that we had just got home after being at the park for 2 hours, where he ran a muck all that time!

I fell that i am in someways trying to make an excuse for my son, but in another way i really am starting to worry that he has ADHD, i know it is not a problem and loads of people deal with it every day, but when he is only 2yrs old, it is really fair on me to to make this prediction?
I have raised my worries with the doctor who said there is nothing they can do untill he gets to 5. that seems silly to me, another 3 yrs of all these questions!
So what happens, on the morning of their 5th birthday they can walk into a doctors surgery and the doctor will turn round and say "ah yes, it is ADHD" it sounds stupid, why cant they help us out before then????

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Posted:Oct 02, 2008 9:10:03 AM

First, take a deep breath. :)

Hyperactivity can come from many sources, not just ADHD. A thorough evaluation should be done so that it can be teased out what is going on. Parasites in the bowels, a very common problem in kids, can cause hyperactivity. (My son had this at age 6 and after treatment the hyperactivity went way down.) So can some food allergies. Sensory issues can also cause some kids to seek high amounts of stimulation.


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Posted:Oct 02, 2008 12:27:14 PM

ADHD is diagnosed around the age of 7 or 8. No physician will diagnose or medicate a child earlier, unless it's severe and there is no choice.

He is a typically developing child unless otherwise noted. All kids at 2 are hyper and run around. Make sure he isn't drinking too much juice or sugar.

My son used to run around. When he turned 4, he said "running makes me tired" and stopped running. In fact, it was hard for him to get going and my dh had to play monster to get him to run around or ride his bike around the block.

Also, preschool and the school setting helps kids to improve attention span, transition to different activities without a tantrum and get used to a routine.

You have a while yet for growth and development. There is alot of growth between ages 4-5. So, if your child has not changed at all since he was 2, then you should be concerned at that point.

There is so much talk about autism and add and various disorders. I guess we just always have to take a second look. If your interested in reading, Dr. Mel Levine has some good books. The kids are older in the book, but it gives you a sense of all the different neurological functions needed for classroom learning. My favorite books are "The Myth of Laziness" and "A mind at a time" by Dr. Mel Levine. I also like "The out of sync child" by Carol Kranowitz. Even if your child is a typically developing child, it's good to know the terminology, today's school system and maybe you might know a child with a disorder you can give some information about.


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