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Accomodations for Dyslexia

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Posted Oct 07, 2008 at 2:43:50 PM
Subject: Accomodations for Dyslexia

My son is in the 6th grade. His Reading and Language class includes teaching many new vocabulary words. Part of the testing is on "spelling" the vocabulary words. He has a lot of difficulty with spelling. Does any one know of any accommodations that could be used for spelling tests for someone with dyslexia??

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Posted:Oct 07, 2008 7:50:39 PM

We got a reduced number of words for spelling tests. This made it easier to memorize the words for the test. Of course this didn't mean that she knew how to spell them later. LOL

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Posted:Oct 08, 2008 8:15:48 AM

We also got a reduced number of words for my 4th grade son. Another thing we found that helped was to find a word or words within the main word, such as sLIDe (lid with s before and e after). We also use the hidden word in reference to something he finds funny or easily relates to in life to help him recall it better at testing time, ie. "He slides down the lid". My son enjoys making games of hard (and usually boring) lessons, and though he may appear to have learned the spelling of the word for the moment, tomorrow on the test he may have forgotten. With emphasis on a word within a word, he seems to remember a little better. It usually works with us even though we still have to drill and re-drill daily. Good luck.

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Coach Chuck
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Posted:Oct 08, 2008 2:53:43 PM

If your son recieves "resource" They can allow your son to verbally spell missed spelling words. This has greatly improved my son's ability to spell and improved his self esteem.

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