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RiT - Response to Intervention

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Posted Oct 14, 2008 at 9:55:05 PM
Subject: RiT - Response to Intervention

I am looking for some input on the Response to Intervention model or RiT

Looking for teachers who have heard of the model or used it within their districts.

Wondering if there are sources available for teachers such as training on RiT?

What concerns do you have as an educator using RiT

What excites you about RiT if anything


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Posted:Oct 18, 2008 9:11:33 AM

I can send you some research I gathered last school year, but you would have to let me know your e-mail address. Our state (CT) is just getting things started; other states, such as Oregon, have been doing this for years and have a huge number of resources available on-line. You can google Oregon's Dept. of Education for more information. My e-mail is JLaRosee@msn.com; if you would like me to forward you the information e-mail me.

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Posted:Oct 22, 2008 7:56:10 PM

My wife is a teacher in Mercer County, WV and they have been doing RTI. Students are no longer being tested as in the past or referred for special education services without going through RTI first. Tier I, intervention within the classroom (centers, small group instruction etc.) Tier II, intervention outside the classroom setting (pull outs) usually 30 minutes a day for those students that Tier I has not brought about improvement. Tier III usually outside the regular school day and for those intensive kids who have not improved in Tier I and Tier II. Students are progress monitored every two weeks and may move into different intervention groups as per need.

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Posted:Oct 24, 2008 10:40:04 AM

We have just started using RTI method in our school. The students must go through extra help in the classroom and pullout with an extra teacher. They must complete all of this before they can be tested.

Heather L. Price

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