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Teacher conf. coming doesn't seem to be ally need support

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Posted Oct 18, 2008 at 5:14:10 PM
Subject: Teacher conf. coming doesn't seem to be ally need support

My daughter is in 4th grade and has been having terrible problems in math. I am currently having her tutored at school and after school which I am paying for. I know that she has a learning disorder and she has an appointment with a licensed psychologist in two weeks to get her tested. In the meantime I have a teacher conference to attend and the teacher seems to be trying to place blame even though I am doing everything in my power to help my child. The teacher is a math wiz and says never in all her years as a teacher has she seen someone as bad off in math as my daughter. My daughter just got her first report card of the year and she had two 81's a 79 and a 57 in math. I can't make her learn it and I need advice on how to respond to this teacher in a respectful way. Thanks for your support.

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Posted:Oct 18, 2008 6:08:34 PM

The teacher is obviously in denial because its unlikely that she has never seen another student with math difficulties. While you are doing everything to help your dd, what is the teacher doing? What strategies in the classroom is she using to make sure your child is understanding the concepts? Is the teacher collaborating with the tutor?

You might want to bring information about Dyscalculia, which is a math LD. http://www.dyscalculia.org/


Just a ray of hope - My daughter has Dyscalculia which effects her basic math skills but she "gets" concepts. In 6th grade, after years of Learning Support math programs and 1:1 tutoring, we tried TouchMath. In 5 minutes she learned adding and subtracting well enough that she no longer needed a calculator. She's now a Junior and in a general ed Geometry class, holding her own with a high C (she doesn't test well. lol)

scifinut mom to: ms 16, bp/adhd/anxiety/complex ld mr. 20, add/dyslexic I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand. -Anonymous

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That is really out of bounds for the teacher to say to you. One failing test in math does not indicate anything. She just didn't get the last concept the teacher said about it. One year with a bad teacher can accumulate to being a couple years behind in the subject.

I don't know how your going to be respectful in an answer back. She did pretty well in math up until the last test. She is a hard worker. Maybe she can stay after school and do some extra worksheets to get the new concept. You really don't want to overlook this math concept if it is a building block to the next concept. Make sure she gets it. If the teacher is unwilling to help her go over it again, then ask for additional worksheets to do at home. She just needs a little repetition of it.

I'm sorry for the bad teacher. I hope it can be resolved in a professional manner.
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