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Functional MRI's, information needed

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Posted Oct 22, 2008 at 11:18:17 AM
Subject: Functional MRI's, information needed

This test was recommended for my daughter to determine what her weak links are in her brain r/t her LD's. Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone know of a group that does this assessment for pediatrics for the purposed of assessing LD's.

We're in NM and there is nothing here.

Thank You,

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Posted:Oct 23, 2008 1:23:39 PM

I live in NJ and it's considered to be the most progressive state on current information and testing next to NY, PA and CA.

I have not taken my son for a learning MRI. I do not know anyone who has gone for a learning MRI. I'm sure it's available if you want it.

Our developmental pediatrician looks at the whole child and goes by symptoms. So far, the school testing indicates low language scores and low memory scores. Many LD's have low memory scores.

A good website is www.neuropsychologycentral.com is a hopping website. The message board contains alot of new discussions, new topics and professionals. I'm sure if you look through it, you will get some valuable information. Let us know what you find.


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Posted:Oct 25, 2008 2:56:19 AM

An MRI will just show if the correct parts of the brain are activated, when given various tasks.
So it can be helpful.

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Posted:Oct 28, 2008 12:18:04 AM

As stated before a functional MRI looks at the way the brain functions when it is performing a certain task. I learned this while reading about Dyslexia. A functional MRI can watch a brain work while it is reading. It shows which parts of the brain are active when a person is reading. A FMRI can be used to determine whether someone has dyslexia. A normal (for lack of a better word) brain uses different parts of the brain when reading than does a dyslexic brain.

I'm sure it can be used for other function than reading but this is where my reading experience regarding FMRI's lies.

I got the impression from my reading that most Functional MRI's are used for research purposes.


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Posted:Nov 25, 2008 10:21:10 AM


fMRI is like an XRAY of the brain, it is a snapshot of the areas of activity while performing specific tasks.

It has be useful to identify that dyslexia is dependent on language, as different areas of the brain are used to process different langauge formats, such as Chinese and English> And that those who have problems processing a specific type of langauge due to some type of sensory information processing disorder may use other areas of the brain to work around their information processing problems.

So the problems is more about the format of the language being used that dose not match the individual information processing strengths, and avoids their information processing deficit.

best wishes


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