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Inclusion in the Classroom Survey

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Posted Nov 16, 2008 at 6:41:15 PM
Subject: Inclusion in the Classroom Survey

I am a Graduate Student and I am doing research on inclusion for Special Education. If anyone can please answer my survey if you have any involvement with inclusion. Thanks

1. What is your definition of inclusion?

2. Do you have experience in an inclusive classroom?
1.Yes 2.No

3. How do you feel that inclusion is working in your classroom?

4. Some believe that inclusion of students with disabilities in regular education classrooms take away from students without disabilities. What is your opinion?

5. Do you feel that it is difficult to modify instruction and your teaching style to meet the needs of students with disabilities? Why or Why not giving a brief explanation?

6. Do you feel that the school districts do a good job explaining the inclusion program to parents?

1.Yes 2.No

7. What are your biggest concerns and frustrations with inclusion?

8. Do you feel that being in an inclusion classroom has been positive for your child? Why or Why not?

9. Has being in an inclusion classroom affected the child academically, socially, and behaviorally? If yes tell how.

10. What things do you enjoy most about inclusion?


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