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Mystery Diagnosis ???

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Posted Nov 20, 2008 at 8:46:49 PM
Subject: Mystery Diagnosis ???

Recently, I have begun to notice that I may have a learning disability of some kind. I never noticed it all through high school, mostly because I didnít do the work, so there was no way I would have been able to pick up on it. It seems to be a processing disorder of some kindÖit affects both visual and auditory learning. The first problem I picked up on was reading. I started studying on my own, and realized I wasnít learning anything, despite my best efforts. No matter how hard I try, I canít retain what I read for more than a few seconds. I can retain bits and pieces, but that is all. Thinking back over my adolescent years, I was never able to pick up any information through reading. I just never really realized that I had a problem. I thought that maybe since I couldnít learn through reading, I could learn through listening to the material instead, possibly by using books on tape. But Iíve come to realize that I have the same problem with listening. If someone reads something to me, I canít retain hardly and of it. Iíve been attending some lectures, and I have a problem recalling anything I learn from those lectures, even right after the lecture is done. I do better with auditory learning, but there is still a problem. Iím not sure if the auditory problem is normal, or if there is an actual problem. My biggest concern is the reading because I am planning on attending a technical college where the teaching is based on reading books, and I donít know what I can do to make it through college. Iíve tried to find a diagnosis of what I may have, but so far I havenít been able to find anything that fits me and Iím wonderingÖis there a diagnosis that I am not finding? I really would like to find a diagnosis so I can find a way to learn with this disability, and Iím afraid if I donít get some kind of help I wonít be able to do college. So, does anyone out there have any information about what my problem could be? I would really, really, appreciate any information you could give me. Email me at jshultz@utah.gov if you can give me any help.



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Posted:Dec 16, 2008 9:53:48 PM


Your problem sounds like a memory issue, possibly working memory. Google strategies to improve working memory and see what you can find. Do you have trouble pronouncing the words when your read or do you have to concentrate so hard to pronounce them that you forget? You may also consider if you have an attention deficit disorder which can greatly affect working memory as well as remembering what you just read or heard. Ask your doctor if you would meet the criteria for that.

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