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How do i make it with my online distance education class?

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Posted Nov 21, 2008 at 11:14:39 AM
Subject: How do i make it with my online distance education class?

I just started school online, after being out of college for 4 years and I'm finding it so hard to focus and stay motivated to complete my classes. Any tips or suggestions you can give me? I've already committed so much money i don't want to drop off.

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I understand how that must feel. Distance learning requires alot of commitment, motivation, time management and staying connected with your classmates and instructors if you have to succeed. You also must set aside some time of the day where you tune your mind to actually do your class work, a quiet place in the house. Also don't forget to reward yourself after every achievement.

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Distance Education is by any means a "a skip in the park". Its probably even more demanding than a traditional educational setting. Distance learning takes more self-discipline, focus, and interest than your traditional learning environment. My advice to you is to embrace each lesson, reading assignment, and new concepts in learning. Make a plan or document assignment dates and refer to it 3 to 4 times a week.

Distance Learning has a higher dropout rate than traditional universities, simply because people cannot focus or go so long without posting assignments that they actually forget they're in school!!!!

I know because I am a Master's graduate learner at Capella University. Feel free to email me if you have additional questions about staying focus! Since it's been November of 2008 since u asked this question, I hope you have progressed!

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Here are some tips & strategies for Success with an Online Degree Program:
1. Select the Right Online Distance Education School
2. Choose the Right Online Degree Program
3. Utilize Credit Transfers
4. Exercise Discipline, Determination & Time Management
5. Make Advance Preparations
6. Get to Know Your Instructor and Your Classmates

Hope it helps. Have a great day.

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Of course, one of the key reasons people turn to online schools is the flexibility and convenience that they provide. You can work from home and you can complete your work at anytime, making your education fit into your life. Don’t forget that the cost of your online education is important as well. An online degree is almost always going to be significantly cheaper than a traditional on-campus program.

You have to focus and stay motivated for your degree.

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Sara Khan
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Many of the members has been made a good and valuable suggestion. In that situation only distance learning program will be better for completing your Degree. there are a lot of best colleges offer this system of education.

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