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Change from LD to Information Processing Disabilities

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Posted Nov 25, 2008 at 10:13:35 AM
Subject: Change from LD to Information Processing Disabilities

Hi All

It is time to change how we describe our problems.
Learning Disabilities, or Difficulties implies that the learner has all of the problems, and has to ake al of the accomodations.

The real problem is matching how we provide and process information.

We all have a range of sesnory information processing skills, some develop or inherit some good sensory information skills for all 5 senses.

Some however have some faulty sensory or motor information processing systems which mean that for us one or more particular sensory processing system do not work as thye should so we have problems processing that type of sensory information.

So it is not just about processing the sensory information, it ia about others being able to provide information in a sensory form that we are best able to process, and not always using a senory format that we are not so able to processes.

Sight and Sound are the two main communication senses, touch, smell, and taste which used to very importnat in our distant past, are not considers as importnat these days.

So those who have problems processing visual or auditory information will have problems with todays man made communication systems.

So we do not have so much learning disabilities more information processing disabilities, which others need to be aware of, so that thye can use alternative forms of communication to match our good individual information processing systems.

best wishes


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Posted:Nov 28, 2008 8:07:43 AM

I met with my son's speech therapist last week. One exercise we are doing at home is categories. She mentioned that his memory and organizational skills are low because he really doesn't adequately categorize things (or file them in his mind). So, every day I ask him to name for example, 6 vegetables;
6 breeds of dogs, 6 kinds of tools, etc.

According to the therapist, this will help him process information because he is putting things in an organized place in his mind to pull out and memory recall.

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Posted:Dec 01, 2008 2:44:53 AM

Absolutely. I guess we need to add "storage" to our list of inadequacies. My daughter has problems with storage of language as well. We also do the categories practice. In some cases we compare 2 items for "same" and "different" and those categories are so important. How are a cat and a dog the same? How are they different? She knows how they are the same and different, but she was not able to tell you this a year and a half ago. Now she knows it immediately, but has trouble verbalizing it.


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Posted:Dec 03, 2008 8:00:02 PM

I am a student and have a few questions for a class I amm doing I do have achild with learning disability but I need info from three other parents 1 How did you know to have your child tested? 2 was it diffficult having your child tested in your school?3 does your child attend their IEP meetings?4 Is the staff at your schools is to work with? 5What is your biggest concern? 6 How do you help your child fit in with their peirs? 7 Do you ever feel like you are getting the run around?

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Posted:Dec 12, 2008 3:15:43 PM

This is very interesting information that you have psoted. I am glad that you took the time to post it. All the information you provided really helps.

Thank you!

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