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Help for ADHD, Autism and Aspergers.

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Subject: Help for ADHD, Autism and Aspergers.

Help for ADHD, Autism and Aspergers.

Dr. Nelson Mañe a board certified chiropractic orthopedist and neurologist with subspecialty training in Childhood Neurobehavioral Disorders. These conditions include Autistism Spectrum Disorders, ASD, (ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Tourette’s Syndrome). Dr. Nelson Mane uses a sensory motor integration hemispheric approach. Which states there is a link between the child’s motor skills (movements), coordination and the coordination of the child’s thoughts. Similar neurologic pathway and circuits are used to process, coordinate and smooth both aspects. This is because the cerebellum which is involved in both movement and thought can be dysfunctal in some cases. Many of these children appear uncoordinated and have difficulty doing simple motor functions such as jumping jacks or cross crawl patterns. Many can be observed to be toe walkers. Let’s look at some of the scientific literatures.

Research Service (151S), VA Medical Center, 800 Irving Ave., Syracuse, NY, USA.
The traditional view that the basal ganglia and cerebellum are simply involved in the control of movement has been challenged in recent years. One of the pivotal reasons for this reappraisal has been new information about basal ganglia and cerebellar connections with the cerebral cortex. In essence, recent anatomical studies have revealed that these connections are organized into discrete circuits or 'loops'. Rather than serving as a means for widespread cortical areas to gain access to the motor system, these loops reciprocally interconnect a large and diverse set of cerebral cortical areas with the basal ganglia and cerebellum. The properties of neurons within the basal ganglia or cerebellar components of these circuits resembles the properties of neurons within the cortical areas subserved by these loops. For example, neuronal activity within basal ganglia and cerebellar loops with motor areas of the cerebral cortex is highly correlated with parameters of movement, while neuronal activity within basal ganglia and cerebellar loops with areas of the prefrontal cortex is more related to aspects of cognitive function. Thus, individual loops appear to be involved in distinct behavioral functions. Studies of basal ganglia and cerebellar pathology support this conclusion. Damage to the basal ganglia or cerebellar components of circuits with motor areas of cortex leads to motor symptoms, whereas damage of the subcortical components of circuits with non-motor areas of cortex causes higher-order deficits. In this report, we review some of the new anatomical, physiological and behavioral findings that have contributed to a reappraisal of function concerning the basal ganglia and cerebellar loops with the cerebral cortex.
This information in the hands of the appropriately trained physician can help us to determine a sensory motor program to help unscramble the desynchronized thought of the affected child.

Dr. Mane offers one on one consultations as well as Group Seminars for parents and children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or to attend a seminar please call 813-935-4744.

For more information about Dr. Nelson Mane, D.C. and his treatment approach for ASD go to http://www.manecenter.com/ADHD.htm.
Dr. Mane is available to speak at seminars.

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