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Is Math911 good? What else for hands-on / Montessori algebra

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Posted Dec 02, 2008 at 3:21:05 AM
Subject: Is Math911 good? What else for hands-on / Montessori algebra

I got referred to Math911.com for a free download of their math software, esp. for pre-algebra and algebra (and higher, I believe). I haven't downloaded yet because I want to know if anyone has used it and if it's legit. I worry about "free" things, but the site says they are trying to get the word out about the program. (If I do get it and it's good, I'll write back with a recommendation.)

Any other suggestions on manuals and materials to teach algebra? I have lots of resources for hands-on methods and games for elementary math, but I want to expand to pre-alg and algebra. I know Making Math Real courses are supposed to be fabulous, but they are very expensive and with pre-requisites so I can't afford the time and $ right now. I know that Montessori programs have great ways to teach lots of algebra - I wonder how I can get some Montessori manuals if I'm not in their credential program. Or any Montessori-like manuals or books out there?

I have gotten Math-U-See (http://mathusee.com/) which is pretty good. It uses blocks like the base 10/place value cubes and has thorough manuals. I'm just getting started with it so I can't report on how well it works for me.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially books or manuals more than computer programs.


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