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Nerves LD/DA job seeker!

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Posted Dec 10, 2008 at 7:32:13 AM
Subject: Nerves LD/DA job seeker!

Hello everyone, I'm new here. My name is Dee. I am glad I found this site, with a forum. Not many out there, that I have ran across anyway.

Anyway, I have learning, and physical limitations. Both all of my life. As a result I have never had any jobs I could truly support myself with. I have mostly worked part time jobs, and lived at with my parents. I'm 36, and so fed up with it all!

My last job, with a major retailer, I had to leave it. I finely was working full time, but my physical problems ended that. I even went for an operation to hopefully help matters. It helped with the pain. But the doctor recommended never returning to the work I was doing. He would not release me for work.

I went the rout of trying for disability. What a joke! I go the runaround for almost two years! Nothing. Just a final hearing with a 'video judge', whom looked like a mummy he was so old, as well as his 'expert' for the govt. All they did was read off statistics of jobs I could do (never mind if the task of finding such jobs in my local area are slim to none), and said no.

I gave up. But I can't stand anymore for a long time (never really could anyway), so no more retail work. No factory work is close that has any sitting positions. So what now? I got my doctor to finely release me for some sit-down work at least. Then I went to my local DRS, and got in a program, and got a 'job coach'. Well, so far, no luck! I have went and tried for call center work (anything in my area sitting down - most places could allow sit-down work, but refuse, and it is an 'at-will' state - so forget the ADA, I feel they find ways around it, and you can have no clear reason to fire someone, so forget it), but can never get past the 'tests', not a fast typist, bit slow, bad spelling, etc, (I'm using a spell-check program now).

I have done call center work in the past with a temp agency, so I can do it. But those were days before 'tests' were part of the screening process. So, how can this be? All these damn tests! And I even wrote one company about it. How it's not fair to people with learning problems, and got the standard runaround on how they are fair via statistics (always that crap).

In the meantime, I took a tax preparation class in basic first year taxes. And much to my shock passed it! And got a job offer! And I took it! Even if it's only seasonal, it's better than nothing (I have had nothing since 2005!).

Thank it's a happily ever after tale? Maybe. But maybe not. You see, I had to inform my job coach I found a job. Now she want to call my employer, and discuss my accomodations. I tried to explain that would not be necessary. It's sit down work, a counter handles the math, and spelling won't be a problem cause clients info will be on paper for me to see (so spelling names and stuff will not be an issue). Now I wonder, will I be able to keep the job?

I have hardly had any sleep this past night. It's in the 7 AM range now. I fear what news comes. I was also told because of my social issues this may not be a good job for me (I'm nerves a lot). So I fear meddling, and being told no. Can DRS do that? What of my employer? After being contacted and talked to about my 'issues', will they find a reason to recant their offer (I am hired, filled out the paper work yesterday)? My stomach is in knots! I need work. I need money somehow! But it seems I am screwed either way I go.

Dose anyone have and words of comfort to offer? No. I did not tell my new employer many details of my issues. I did mention to my soon to be (or maybe not) boss about my physical problem, and that I am with a group trying to help me get work. It all happened so fast. I didn't even expect a job offer! Did I do the right thing? Am I screwed?

Sorry, I'm a major worry wort!

Let me also say I am getting no money from the govt. I only get food stamps. I have to depend on family mostly, friends sometimes. I live with my dad. I am desperate! I can't stand some people in my family. And they are the ones 'loaning' me money. They make me feel bad about it. My dad is nice, but does not understand how this all makes me feel.


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Posted:Dec 10, 2008 7:52:34 AM

Hi Dee,
Just let your boss know how keen you are about the job!
From what you wrote, they are lucky to have you!

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Posted:Dec 10, 2008 10:17:41 AM

Thanks. :-)

Well it's a bit later, and I have heard from my job coach. They told her no one can be on site with me because of confidentiality rules. I didn't think they would allow it for that very reason anyway.

The job coach said my future (so far so good) boss was proud to know I did what I did all on my own. She said she would talk to her boss about having a job coach on site, that is what worries me now..lol.

I know she, my would be boss, is a nice lady, but maybe the big boss thinks, screw that! Get rid that one. But maybe it won't be so bad either, with the big boss. Maybe whoever s/he is may also be a decent person.

Time will tell. I will hear from my employer next week again for my handbook and schedule. I hope all will be well. I hope between now and when I start in January nothing bad will happen.

Dee :-)
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