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Posted Dec 12, 2008 at 3:12:04 PM
Subject: ADD

I would like to know if there is any other adults out there who has concerns with having ADD and is in a relationship/marriage. If so, how do you and your spouse deal with you having ADD?

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Posted:Dec 31, 2008 7:02:41 PM

Ehmmm We don't. Because my brain is the same as anyone else's. I am a grown up, i have spent my whole life finding creating and learning methods of compensation for my ummm "more or iginal than is typical and more outside the box than is typical" thinking style. My husband loves how my mind works. It has actually been a saving grace for several minor issues for him in his job in which he holds a PHD and i never even studied it in highschool. But he will boil it down, put it in simple terms, and i ask alot of questions and learn alot and ultimately tell him what logic comes to me and how i think about the matter. It has resulted in some brilliant math and has even been used to assist on work related to a couple different science awards which he was a contributing worker on a paper and mathematics etc which ultimately won the awards.

He loves me for who i am. I love him for who he is. I don't see what something that is like everything with both negative and positive qualities has to do with anything. If you think that it ups the cheating it doesn't. I think what ups the cheating is more a lack of ability to empathize and that has nothing to do with ADHD. It has to do with the inability to feel what others feel. The inability to see that they feel. The inability to feel *with* them while they feel what ever it is they feel. When one thinks very highly of himself/herself and can't empathize one feels superior and like they have every tright to cheat and be a genberal asshole. But ADHD, does NOT make a person cheat. And people with ADHD ON OR OFF MEDICINE are *RESPONSIBLE* for their actions. The good ones and the bad ones and responsible for their choices and responsible for the pain they cause other people. If you want to sleep around, have an understanding with your partners you intend to do this and don't wish to be tied down. If you want a monogomous relationship be fair to the other person and treated them no matter how much you want to go shag anything with breasts that smells good and walks past you, to do the right thing and tell yourself, that you have something better at home. Someone you *LOVE* and cherish. Someone you want to give all of yourself to. And then, don't do what you know you shouldn't do. simple.

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