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Posted Dec 29, 2008 at 8:19:24 AM
Subject: Barton Reading & Spelling

I am currently using the Barton Reading and Spelling system with my son. he is just about to complete Level 2. Can anyone give me some insight about level 3? Is it difficult compared to level 2? Any suggestions as to supplementing to make it less tedious (it seems somewhat unenjoyable to my son).
Does anyone have Level 3 used or know where I can get one used? I've looked on ebay,half.com, Amazon, and several homeschool sights without success.


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Posted:Jan 11, 2009 2:47:37 PM

I have gone through Level 5 and am ready for Level 6. I find that they are VERY hard to find used, and when you do find them on ebay, the cost is usually very close to what you would end up paying for it new.

In addition to using the Barton System I went to a two week summer Ortong-Gillingham Training class last summer. I learned a great deal that has helped me to enhance the Barton Lessons.

However, I'll add, that being a Mom in a room with professional educators, I was astonished to see just how well Susan Barton's DVD lessons had prepared me. Most of what we covered the first week was review for me having already gone through 4 Levels of Barton at that time. I knew more about Orton-Gillingham than most of the teachers in the class most of whom had master's degrees.

As for Level 3, it's a step up from Level 2, but not overwhelming. The big quantum leap comes at Level 4. We went through Level 4 about 3 times before I felt confident that my daughter had really mastered it. Then when you get ready to go from Level 4 to Level 5 it's another small step up, not a big leap.

Level 4 is definitely the biggest brain buster so far.
A lot also depends on your child, the severity of their dyslexia, and what other co-existing conditions you might be dealing with. In my case, my daughter also has auditory processing disorder.

If you let me know the age of the child/children you are tutoring, I can better suggest some age appropriate supplemental activities.
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