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Society Is Screwed Up Too

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Posted Jan 05, 2009 at 7:56:32 PM
Subject: Society Is Screwed Up Too

Back in my day when somebody stepped out of line they got stepped on. People were more civilized then. Kids settled things with a good fist fight. Today we have metal detectors to screen for guns and knives. Where is the honor?

You may have some label that some shrink put on you. I say take that label off and put it on the shrink or other charlatan than put it on you. As a therapist I tell people many things that fly in the face of conventional wisdom. First understand that regardless of you disability or the label some idiot has placed on you, you are a human being and you have value. Don't ever lose site of that.

I remember what it liked to feel discounted by myself and others. I hated it so I stopped discounting myself and flipped the collective bird to anyone who passed judgment on me. When I was in college I recall this rag ho who was head of the students with disability office. She was particularly nasty and condescending to people. I was warned about her. So I knew she was probably going to mess with me and try to make me jump through some hoops. I don't come from acedemia. I live in the real world. I needed to tape record some classes and she said I needed and IEP to do that. She gave me this bull crap about the school's intellectual property rights. I really has to stop myself from strangling her so instead I looked at her in a menacing way and broke a pencil. I told her as I broke the pencil again that I was crazy and I have the papers to prove it. I saw her turn white and I gave her a wink and left. I had a night class and I hung around near her office and gave her hard looks every time she would leave and return. She had a security guard walk her to her car that night. Now she may think twice about giving the next person who requires help a hard time. I tape recorded all my lectures anyway.

The point is. It is not always you. There are many difficult people in the world who get to feel like something by giving you a hard time. Stand up to them. If you are not able to do that then make them pay for being a punk and a bully.

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Posted:Mar 24, 2009 4:13:03 AM

Society is screwed up too. Sometimes i think atleast some forms of LD are more a disease of society than a disease or defect of an individual.

I am sorry you had such a hard time with that idiot woman you described. Seriously, if someone came into my office and did that if i were some idiot bimbo like that one, i would have peed all over myself. Fortunately, i work in Archaeology, someone breaks a pencil and gives me dirty looks depending on where i am, i pull out a gun, and make it seem as though i will use it. I never actually would, except to protect a really important site from serious damage etc. I actually hate those things... But, when on a dig its sometimes a necesary evil depending where int he world you are. Sometimes, being threatening with no intention of hurting anyone is therapeutic. I am sure i don't have to tell you this but, becareful with your talent in this area. It could cause damage to someone else or to you someday.

Next time some bimbo like that says something idiotic about the intellectual property of the school, request a refund. Tell her you will put up fliers about your discussion with her all over school and make it your personal mission in life to get every student a 75% refund as that is what all students are thousands of dollars in debt to pay for. THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THE UNIVSITY THEY PAYED TO ATTEND. Bring a redcorder to the next meeting with her if ever you have another one. Make it clear, that if those who pay for these lectures can't record them, then you are going to the news papers and the media with this outrageous hypocrasy. Charge the students up the ass for the intellectual property then tell them it is the intellectual property and that even though they *bought* it they may not take it with them.... tsssssssssssss.....

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Posted:Apr 16, 2009 1:40:11 AM

It was no skin off her but to accommodate me. She just wanted to give somebody a hard time. The school had nothing for LD students. Whether they were ADA compliant I don't know but the bimbo that ran the students with disability office was not there to help disabled students. She was there for a check and to get her jollies frustrating people.

There seems to be no formal accommodation for people through any agencies such as voc rehab nor are their any guidelines. I could go on and on about the failures of federally funded state Voc Rehab. Society is very sick and it causes problems for anyone who doesn't fit the mold. We are a wasteful society that is throwing away valuable resources by not accommodating people who are LD and taking advantage of our unique talents.

In my case I have invented a very effective cure for obesity and I think that being LD was the reason I was able to think far enough outside the box to do what other professionals have been unable to do. Being different cognitively I tend to see the world from a different perspective. For instance; I have solved the problem with biofuels taking up to much valuable farm land for crops. I advocate planting switch grass along all highways and in the grass medians. Hire farmers to maintain the highway plots and let them sell the cut switch grass. The medians get mowed for free and the farmers make money. Farm land that is suitable for food crops will not have to be used for growing bio fuel.

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