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SpellingCity.com - some advice on accessibility

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Posted Jan 16, 2009 at 2:00:02 PM
Subject: SpellingCity.com - some advice on accessibility

Hi, I work at SpellingCity.com and we are trying to remake parts of the site to be more accessible and useful to certain special needs. The SpellingCity.com website is for spelling and vocabulary.

The first game that we have reworked is called MatchIt (which you could find on the site). Other than fixing the text around the game instructions and adding a little "say it" button, are there other items that should be fixed on that game?

We are going to use it as a prototype for remaking many of the games so I'm trying to get a little more input.

Mayor, SpellingCity.com

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Posted:Jan 29, 2009 11:30:40 PM

In the math it game, I like that the dots color coordinate with the line that connects the word to the definition. I would help solidify this connection by coordinating and making the background color behind the words and definition be the same color as the dots and connecting lines -- which would also help reinforce the connection visually.

You have used a lot of colors that look similar on my monitor (pinks and plums) -- which makes it more difficult to distinguish the differences. The dot colors seem much more variable than the background colors behind coordinating words and definitions.

I like the idea of adding an auditory component. In addition have you thought about adding browse aloud to your web site -- it would allow each word to be highlighted as it is read, which helps persons with tracking and improve additional individual word recognition.

I wish that rather than merely accpeting word lists, you had pre-generated word lists that aligned themselves more with spelling patterns and rules found here:


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