Parenting a Child with LD or ADHD

mood swings in 8 yr old on strattera

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Posted:Feb 14, 2009 1:02:04 PM


You might want to read this story in the BBC about how stimulants lose their effectiveness after 3 years.


As far a ADD being dangerous if not treated with meds, can you provide a study that shows that in which the authors aren't connected with drug companies?

By the way, I do feel that ADHD is legitimate but I think stimulants are way over prescribed.

Anyway, a doctor on the health skepticism has provided studies that don't support your position. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to access them so I apologize for that but I still think the information is important so that maybe someone reading this might be able to find the studies.


for ADHD (Pediatrics 122(2):451-3)
But your policy statement misleadingly claims that ‘stimulant medications have been shown for decades to be effective for the treatment of [ADHD]’. Systemic reviews have repeatedly shown that the evidence for the effectiveness of stimulants in ADHD is mostly based on short-term studies of poor methodological quality,[1] and the recent review by the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommends against the use of stimulants for mild to moderate ADHD.[2] Of more concern are claims in your policy about ‘the substantial risks of not treating ADHD’. Dangerous outcomes associated with ADHD are listed, without acknowledgement that there is no evidence that treating ADHD (with stimulants or otherwise) changes these dangerous outcomes. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary, showing that treatment has no positive effect on academic outcomes or delinquency.[3-5] Even weak evidence of potential harm must be taken seriously when a drug without demonstrated long-term benefit is being prescribed so broadly.

As far as trusting physician organizations, many of them are heavily influenced by drug companies. Marcia Angel has spoken out against that.

I agree that many natural substances are not well searched and not guaranteed to be side effect free. But at least, when I stopped taking Inositol, the ear blockage went away. I still have a hearing loss from one of the antidepressants I took. And yes, I definitely was able to directly establish a cause and effect.

I agree with you about Jenny McCarthy. Claiming that autism can be cured is BS.


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Posted:Feb 14, 2009 10:49:28 PM

Can i ask, PT1, because you sound quite rational, and logical, if you believe int he existence of ADHD, what do you think it might be? Do you think they have established what it is conclusively? Do you think it could be chemical or a structural flow or a problem with the electricity bla bla bla in the brain? Or might it just be something more.... based on nurture rather than nature?

I am not certain what i believe. I believe there are people (though not as many as they claim) that do have the symptoms to rather severe excess for most of their lives or what not.... I just have had trouble finding studies that are not in any way dirty that establish any real organic differences in those ADHD. So i am curious what your take on it is...

And i agree there hasn't been enough research done on natural alternatives which begs the questions, why the hell not and isn't is about time for that research to be taking place? After all, something more effective could potentially be found. And there are some thing already in nature that do tend to calm people down that can be found some of them as simple as a cup of chamomile tea.

And i am sorry you have been so badly affected by medications. I know hoe sucky they *can* be.

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