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Posted Jan 26, 2009 at 10:38:51 PM
Subject: Autism

About a year ago I was on Dr Sonjay Gupta's blog and I responded to an article about vaccines and Autism. Gupta calimed there was no link between vaccines and the autism epidemic. Autism used to be very very rare but today 1 in 150 kids develop it. I asked Dr Gupta to tell us what the autism rate was for kids in countries who don't use our vaccines. I already knew the answer and so did Dr Gupta. The Autism rate in countries that don't use our vaccines is very low. My comment was deleted and my account was deactivated.

Folks, don't be sheeple lemmings. Question authority and hold them accountable.

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Posted:Jun 03, 2009 12:49:23 PM
Subject:Re: Autism
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Posted:Jun 04, 2009 7:15:37 AM

Oooh!!!! You make me soooooo proud sometimes!

Way to make veal out of sheeple!!!
You should be proud of yourself! When people do stuff like what you did here, they are giving a gift to society. On behalf of society, i would just like to say thank you!

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Posted:Jul 20, 2009 3:43:13 AM

I agree as myself am allergic to a compound used in vaccines, i am rhesus negative and had to have anti d given quite a lot i had 6 pregnancies but 4 babies. Both my younger 2 are displaying hyperactivity and delayed motor skills also sound sensitivity, my youngest had a seizures after having the mmr, so i am dreading the booster but i will be keeping a close eye on her, she also lost speech and tantrums were very severe head banging until she bruised her forehead she still can be quite bad but not as severe, her speech is very unclear i can understand her but no one else can and even i struggle sometimes she is 2 and half.

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