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HELP my DD was tested at school,I don't understand it...

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Posted Jan 31, 2009 at 4:34:50 PM
Subject: HELP my DD was tested at school,I don't understand it...

Ok this is gonna be long but here goes.My DD just turned 7 and is in her 2nd yr of Kindergarten she has been diagnosed as ADHD and anxiety.She takes Ritalin twice a day to address the ADHD,Her psychiatrist suggested that the school do an eval.Well I just got the results the Differential ability scale gave her an 86 in the verbal cluster an 82 on non verbal reasonong and a 88 in Spatial Ability,Now I don't really comprehend the info on this test.But from what I can see she needs some serious help.On the Woodcock-Johnson she performed at less than a Kindergarten lvl.But the school says she is not eligible for E.S.E classes that makes no sense to me.She is 7 and performing at the lvl of a 4 or 5 yr old!!! We are having a conference on the 11th to discuss placing her on a IEP whisch is fine with me.I just feel lost.I applied for a scholorship for private schools there is one in my city that only has students with disabilities hopefully she will be approved.I am just very lost and frustrated my DD is very smart so I can't comprehend why she is doing so poorly and why the school says she is not eligible for E.S.E.

melissa velez

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Posted:Jan 31, 2009 6:33:41 PM

First of all, being proud to put your kid on Ritalin is a bad thing. Ritalin, is a bad thing. Ritalin has been conclusively proven to cause the same reaction in the brains of both those with ADHD as those without it. The fact is this: Ritalin, affects the brain as has been conclusively proven quite recently in a bunch of studies, the same exact way as cocaine does. It is the exact equalent of feeding your child legally sanctioned cocaine. The only difference, is that the reaction to Ritalin, (for those with ADHD and without it, is that this reaction is enhanced.) IE you are sending your kid ona mega high.

Another fact, I want to see studies done on kids sent in to be tested for ADHD who actuallyt come out labled as NOT having it. In the last 20 years i have never heard of a single case. This diagnosis has absolutely no scientific grounding in methodology or standard of evidence. It is entirely based on subjective opinion. My husband a PHD at Vienna university's technical institute in theoretical physics confirms after a great deal of study on the methodology and standards of evidence applied to this "diagnosis" and it's process, confirms, that though ADHD may exist or maybe it doesn't, the methodology and standared of evidence lacks all scientific merits.

Another fact. there is no conclusive evidence that has yet been presented int he last 20 years that in any way validates and legitimizes this diagnosis with 1 small iotas worth of clinical organic proof. Oh there are plenty of theories and perhaps some of them do hold merit. But as of yet, even according to NIMH no proof exists. Which is why it is a disorder instead of a disease.

Your daughter is a high spirited child nothing more. I would sue my doctor for slander for slapping a lable on my kid without any organic evidence to back it up. But that is just me.

As for the rest of the evaluation stuff. There are different kinds of intelligence, spatial intelligence auditory intelligence verbal intelligence etc... The evaluation is checking on all these things to see where she falls in the schame of what is normal above aver and below average. It is normal for people with some sort of LD to fall very low in some things and then to score super high in others. Then to average out at about average. It can make learning harder for example if one has a high auditory intelligence in this society verses a high v isual intelligence. In that society is designed for highly visual people. Auditory functionality has become a secondary form of intelligence. Then, when put in a visual based learning environment for example, this child is at a disadvantage. The idea there is to understand how your child functions. What the best methods might be to teaching her in the future. What she is going to respond to the most. To see what the issue are that she must compensate for and what areas she is strong in and can use creatively to compensate for the weaker ones.

Take a deep breath. You sound scared. I think, it is time you take your child to another psychiatrist. One that isn't first order of business pop a pill! But one that looks to that as a final resort after all other forms of behavior modification have been tried for some time and have not eased the problem sufficiently. I am also very ticked that you sound so scared. And again, you must understand shrinks make money from drug companies for prescribing these drugs. They terrify parents into feeding their kids pills. This is a form of terrorism. And you have been made a victim of it. Maybe your child does suffer from some form of LD maybe even ADHD. But, i have been diagnosed with ADHD and undiagnosed with it now more times than i can count. Every other shrink i see says i have it and the next one says i don't. Don't let these terminologies scare you. Don't let them make you and your child a victim of the over drugging that goes on in this country. Some scary facts about drugs Over 66% of foster children in MA are on some form of anti psych med. Most of those being medications that are still in testing phases, the state is selling these kids as guinea pigs. The usa uses 99% of the world's supply or ritalin each year. The UN has issued statements against the over drugging of american children. Even the shrink that named ADHD in 1980 hhas stated it is medicated by far way too frequently.

I hope DRHD responds to this post because i think he can help you more than i can. But i think finding a new shrink that takes an honest non terroristic drug hyping aproach is in your best interests. Because at 7 your child's brain is still developing. Ritalin, has been proven conclusively, to shrink the frontal lobe (the logic center of the brain) roughly 5% with prolonged use. It has been known to cause tourrettes like symptoms, withdrawl has been a factor in several of the school shootings over the last 10 years. On top of that, it has been known to cause severe heart problems and death in some children as well as delusions.

Ritalin in no way affects or treats any of the symptoms of ADHD anymore or anymore effectively than a morning cup of coffee would. Because it is essentially the same thing a stimulant. The only difference is that it is alot less minor than they claim it is. The damage it can do to a developing brain is not known or fully understood. You couldn't pay me enough money to put my kid on that drug. Too dangerous! On top of that, i have witnessed first hand how these kids on it for long term get messed up. Trust me they do.

Having LD is not being retarded. It means your brain doesn't function as wqell in some ways as it does in others. And in other ways it's functionality is so superior it is off the charts. LD=Learning disabled. But it is better to think of it more as LD=Learning Differenced.

I know you are frusterated and scared and it is hard. It would rock if someone out there set up some sort of education for parents on how to navigate through all this nonsense and ont he terms etc so that parents could actually go into it knowing when they were being treated fairly and properly and with a full understanding of everything. But, the problem is, then the system would get financially burdened as parents would no longer be ignorant and could really effectively fight for their kids.

This is still your child. She may have LD she may have ADHD though there is a school of thought that that is a myth. I recommend that instead of looking into Chadd that is partially financed by the drug companies that you check out ablechild.org and Dr.Breggin among others. There are plenty of therapists out there who consider it a hoax and plenty who think medication is a bad idea.

But most importantly, protect your child from this nightmare that could consume her entire life and her entire identity. A label is a very powerful thing and it has a long history of destroying identities just ask the african population why they don't care for the N word or women why they hate the B word. Enough said there. So remember, and make sure everyone dealing with your child remembers that your child is your child and is who evver she is and not just a diagnosis or an LD or a learning issue that needs to be sorted. And don't let them scare you. Because, it may always have to be complicated and frusterating but it doesn't have to be terrorizing and terrifying. And when it is, it's time to dump the current "expert" and find one that doesn't need both hands to find his head up his ass.

Best of luck.

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Posted:Feb 01, 2009 9:59:28 AM

Call the psychologist that did the testing and ask questions. You don't say what her overall IQ score was. If it was very low, they are probably thinking that she is just low and does not have an LD. She would not then qualify for an IEP.

If you do not believe the testing is accurate, you can request an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) at public expense. You can choose an Neuropsychologist for the IEE testing. Example: school testing showed my dd's IQ at 101 (average) but an IEE showed her IQ at 123+. (She has bipolar and was cycling during testing so Neuro thought it could be even higher.)


scifinut mom to: ms 16, bp/adhd/anxiety/complex ld mr. 20, add/dyslexic I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand. -Anonymous

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It must be a typo. Your daughter can't be in a second year of kindergarten at age 7.

My son is in a special education third grade class. He is reading and writing at a first grade level.

The reason for special education classes and services is to move kids along grade level with age appropriate peers. Otherwise, these kids would be too big for the class. You can't have a 12 year old in a first grade class.

I'm not too concerned about her scores, more her placement. She should be in a small first grade class, with teacher and assistant and with pullouts for reading or math in addition to speech or occupational therapies.

Can you contact an educational consultant to help you to work with your school district for proper placement? Let us know.


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Posted:Feb 02, 2009 6:36:12 AM

Melissa, for help in understanding the scores, and how to get help for your child, pls visit http://millermom.proboards107.com/

There are quite a few members from Florida there too.

Learning Disabilities (LD) and ADHD, Education Support, The*SAFE*Site http://millermom.proboards107.com

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Posted:Feb 02, 2009 6:39:29 AM
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Posted:Feb 02, 2009 9:51:39 PM

Lovely website...

Ever heard of Dr. Baughman?


What about dr. Breggin? I do believe he wrote a book called Talking Back To Ritalin.

Regarding ADHD, this was agreed upon by a collection of experts and researchers from across the land in last year's NIH consensus conference on ADHD (11/18/98); the final statement of the conference read: "...we do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction."(9) Dr. Fred Baughman directly asked a who's who of ADHD experts to "refer me to the one or a few articles in the peer-reviewed, scientific, literature that constitute proof that ADHD is a disease with a confirmatory, physical abnormality." Leber, of the FDA, responded: "...no distinctive pathophysiology (abnormality) for the disorder has been delineated." Haislip, of the DEA, wrote: "We are...unaware that ADHD has been validated." Swanson, of the University of California, Irvine, never replied. However, speaking to the American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry, he concluded: "I would like to have an objective diagnosis for ADHD... psychiatric diagnosis is completely subjective... we will validate it." Castellanos, of the NIMH, confessed: "... we have not yet met the burden of demonstrating the specific pathophysiology...we are motivated by the belief that it will be possible in the near future to do so." Carey, of the University of Pennsylvania, replied: "There are no such articles. There are many articles raising doubts, but none that establish the proof you or I seek."(10)

The truth is that ADHD is not a medical disease in any legitimate sense of the term; the fact that medical doctors diagnose it as a "disease," and "treat" it as one, does not alter this fact. Nor does the fact that our educational system encourages, promotes and allows it to happen. Dr. Baughman spoke the plain truth in his testimony at the aforementioned consensus conference: "It is not a matter of misdiagnosis or over-diagnosis, it is a total, 100% fraud!" There is absolutely no evidence of a disease; therefore, no legitimate justification of medical treatment.


50% of texan children in foster care are on some form of psych drug.

66% In MA.

There is clearly no conclusive science behind any of this. As they all admit it themselves. As i say, plenty of theories. Maybe someday after millions of more kids have been tortured in the name of this bullox they will finally find something that verifies all this nonsense. But i doubt it. I also however, have been offered 0 organic proof that ADHD does not exist. It seems there is suggestive evidence on both sides. But i know they have been looking for proof of existance far longer with far more funding soooo i am leaning towards it doesn't exist.

Yes there are many methods of treatment. However they are rarely used oh everyone references them and talks a good game. But i have never been to a single office where i was not issued a prescription for ritalin in under 30 minutes. That is right. Every shrink i have ever seen who says it is ADHD does NOT even try behavior modification first visit less than 30 minutes into it i am handed a prescription. I have seen the same thing happen to everyone else i know. I have even had friends who really didn't have it who went in and pretended to be hyper to get their happy pills. I have had enough of this. Look, i am not against medicating where medicating is apropriate. But medicating annoyingly hyper typical childlike children is insane. If parents can't handle their kid's exuberance perhaps they should be taking the stimulant themselves instead of feeding it to their kid.

The USA alone uses over 90% of the worlds ritalin supply each year. The UN has issued statements against the obvious over medicating of american youth. Again, there *ARE* a *SMALL* number of cases that likely require medicating. However when something like 80% of those diagnosed with adhd are under 18 and we are using 90% of the world's ritalin resources every year... What about that is unclear in that we are over medicating our children. And what is more, someone somewhere is making a disgusting proffit on this cotton industry. And hell, if you can't follow the drinkin gourd well sooner or later there is gonna be a medication for that too.

Happy reading

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