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Diagnosis on IEP

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Posted Feb 08, 2009 at 9:41:05 AM
Subject: Diagnosis on IEP

Im needing some clarification on this...

My son had his school 3 year eval, 3 years ago and said, "nothing was wrong." I asked for an IEE at school district expense and they provided it. The Neuro eval came back as NVLD. My sons pediatrician and I totally disagreed with this diagnosis as the Dr. only saw him for 1 hr. and she is known to help schools out! So, we went to an unbiased place (a large hospital here in MA) and had another eval 1 and a half years later.. and came back with a PDD-NOS. Now the school is refusing to use this diagnosis. My question is this... If a school can't by law diagnosis a child how does one ever get a diagnosis on their child's IEP?

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Posted:Feb 08, 2009 3:53:10 PM

To my knowledge, schools have a different coding system. My son was labeled "ED" for emotional disability because he had Selective Mutism and was not able to speak in school. He is talking in school now and his re-evaluation changed his category to "SLD" specific learning disability related to reading or writing.

We use our own Neurodevelopmental pediatrician. Having the school provide a neurologist is not the way to go. I do have a friend who agrees with whatever the school does and took the offer for the school for a neurologist to come in and diagnose her son. She agreed he has PDD. I wasn't sure and I told her to get a second opinion. She won't go. She just goes along with whatever the school does and she is happy with it.

I don't know how you have a NVLD on an IEP since the schools use different codes. Check it out. Let us know.


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