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Posted Feb 10, 2009 at 8:31:52 AM
Subject: ADHD Question And Concern

I have my doubts in the existance of ADHD as the experts believe in it. Because i feel most of it is conjecture with little to no scientific support that has been conclusively proven. I also have not had it's non existence conclusively proven either. I don't know if it exists at all, or that it doesn't though i suspect maybe as we know it, it doesn't.

What i do know, is that some people have issues and some people do demonstrate some traits that may not be typical. I don't know why and i am not worried about that right now. I want to know if this sounds familiar to anyone i would love to know. I am not interested in running tests on anyone but me. I am not an expert after all and i am not looking to make money off of anything. I am looking for an answer because something isn't right.

I also feel that generally though not always this thing that we don't understand is being mistreated by our standard medical process of dealing with it because our standard process is based solely on opinion conjecture theory and no hard science. I don't think we know enough to treat it effectively in most cases nor to treat it in a wholey safe way as we standardly treat it. We don't have enough hard science to know enough to know necesarily how to properly treat it or if we even should, in my opinion, until we do i will have doubts. And i will have questions. Right now my concern is for me though. And has to do more with perhaps misdiagnosis or maybe that they are way off base in their suspicions.... Because well, i am worried about me.

First let me say i am certain i am not pregnant. My period is late. *again*. I am not sure this is linked to anything... But i can't help but wonder if maybe, for me anyway if there is a mistake and it is all hormonal. We don't tend to talk about these things, at least i don't but i have reached a point of such worry over my lack of consistency that i thought i needed to write this concern and perhaps someone else has a teenage daughter or adult daughter or has this experience them self. I thought i would toss it out there and see if i am alone or if anyone has any thoughts as to how or if this could even be connected.

I get super spanking bad PMS. It can last 2 weeks. Sometimes a month sometimes even longer. Because, sometimes i don't bleed when i should. Sometimes, i am bleeding fairly regularly sometimes its once every few months. Usually it is fairly light. Lasts 4 or 5 days....And is very very uncomfortable headaches, cramps bloating and aches in other areas too... I got my period very very late. Thanksgiving day (talk about your bad cosmic jokes made by the universe) when i was 14. I was actually starting to near 15 even.... That is really old. But otherwise my body developed fairly normally and on time. I never know quite when it will hit or if it will this month, or if it will next month or the month after. Maybe i am worried because i am a newly wed at 28 not getting any younger and i want to have children in the not too distant future and i am worried that maybe i can't. So i am finally willing to talk about sucha private matter that normally i would keep to myself and worry about in silence. My mother, is regular as clock work so is my little sister. For those into genetics... Fsar as i know my grannies were regular also neither of them infertile one had 6 kids and miscarried once the other had 4 kids. My mum had 2 at a little older than i am. My sister is till way too young to even think about it. 9My aunts on both sides have kids so do my uncles.Except 1 cuz he hates kids... When i am on the pill which i was for a while, i had some really weird reactions to the hormones. I had hot flashes like i was menopausal and really even worse than usual mood swings and i *was* regular but between that and the headaches i went off the pill and have never dared to restart on it. The only other symptom is that my mind works at a feverish pace and i experience serious burn out very fast and then i have problems with sustained attention which is part of what got me diagnosed to begin with at age 4.

My question is, does anyone recognize this? is it normal? Is this common with people with ADHD? Does anyone know? has anyone asked about anything like this before? Has anyone asked if this relates at all to ADHD before? Does anyone know anything about this??? As i said, i have been keeping this secret since i was 16 too scared to face it. I want to have children in the next 2 to 5 years. I don't have time to let it scare me anymore. And what if, i am not the only one? What if there are other people either misdiagnosed with ADHD going through this or what if this is the root cause of it all hormones??? What if there is an easy way to fix it? Could this relate? Should i worry??? I don't know anyone to ask. I have never talked about this with my current expert or even my doctor. Too scared by it. And now i am million miles away from both of them in Vienna Austria with no one to ask. The english here isn't so great and though i speak german, i was a little girl when i learned it there are adult subject matters i never learned words for and stuff. This would be one of them so i fcan't even really talk about it or ask anyone here. Doews anyone know what this could be or does anyone recognize this ina woman they know and love with the diagnosis of ADHD?

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Posted:Feb 10, 2009 9:03:21 AM

Racing thoughts are not ADHD. They can be caused by other brain disorders.

You are right to question a hormonal imbalance or female related issues with the symptoms you describe. However, none of us are doctors so any thoughts are not medically based. You really need to see a doctor about this and have some testing done. Irratic menses can be caused by a number of conditions.

I can't take B/C pills because they cause weird reactions in my body. I litterally thought I was going crazy on several of them and one I had an allergic reaction to. Oh, and I don't have ADHD.

scifinut mom to: ms 16, bp/adhd/anxiety/complex ld mr. 20, add/dyslexic I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand. -Anonymous

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Posted:Feb 10, 2009 10:27:38 AM

Thanx! Any responses weather you have them or dont are apreciated... Thank you so much for responding. And yes, i will see a doctor when i go home to visit my mum next, but till then... and i realize no one is a doctor.... I just want to see if the 2 are linked or could be linked in any way or if anyone else out there has had these experiences etc, hormones are a bitch and they can cause all sorts of issues. I know cuz of looking at pituitaries on corpses dug up from various time frames. Sometimes you can even tell infertility from that but not quite so much... Archaeology for the world! But yeh, i think always have very fast that and the fact that then i run out of steem quick and seem to be day dreaming that is largely why i was diagnosed. But i am curious, always have been and always have been to scared to ask if it could be linked to hormones instead.

Glad i am not the only one that has reacted poorly to b/c weather you have ADHD or not... It's nice to know i am not alone. Some things we don't talk about in my family. And as i said when i get home i will go to the doctor but till then any information anyone has on hormonal weirdness and adhd being linked mistaken for eachother or even if you don't have adhd but have had some hormonal issue that might in some way compare or relate in any way shape or form would be great to know so i can assess scientifically if it is worth getting tested up the ying yang *again* for both ADHD *AND* for hormonal freakiness and see if 1 or both come back positive but this hormonal issues is scientifically measurable where as ADHD is just based on someone's opinion so if, i can save myself some time on this one... and a pain in the ass by hearing what others have been through or any connections or lack of coonections they can make (that is what science does, Science poses a theory then it tests it's theory with for example information from all sides of the issue and then it measurres the scientifically gathered scientific (or hard) evidence, and measures it in some scientifically sensible way. For example, measuring water in a measuring cup when one is making how many cups do i need to make brownies? Then you run simulations and you try adding 2 and you have a brownie batch at the end for examploe and there is obviously too much water in it for it to really count as a brownie because you have the fully baked product in your hand then you start adjusting the amount of waqter and comparing the finished baked product until you have a conclusive scientific answer to your hypothesis that it takes water to make brownies. Rather than what they do int he case of ADHD where they put in 2 cups of water every time they then declare it fixed if they for some reason feel or think based ont he color of the dough that it is fine... but that doesn't mean it is..... So before i put myself through such a long agonizing toormenting horror filled experience that is based on and only accepts evidence supporting the finding for ADHD rather than running tests and seeing what ultimately shows up and measuring that (which is whata science does) as it is pretty much biast in the favor of being found having ADHD.... And i have been diagnosed with it already before, then and since clearly i can scientifically measure something is hormonally out of whack comparing the 2 scientifically then becomes a waste of time to test for ADHD in a biasted test which takes time and costs money if i can avoid it by hearing a zillion others say they have had similar problems or not or pretty much bake the batter by asking the question and then based on the answers measure the dfinal product and see if it could be related and if it is worth spending the time suffering and money for.... It would be in my opinion a nicer way to go about it. So any information weather adhd positive or adhd negative is welcome info.

Thanx for your reply!

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Posted:Feb 10, 2009 11:10:12 AM

Wow i put that badly...

Ok in science you form a hypothesis. You test it by gathering *all* evidence and then measuring all the evidence gathered. And then, clearly you have some sort of an answer. Which you then have to verify with a few additional tests to be sure you weren't making a mistake and then have someone else run a few tests to make sure your measurements add up in other studies of the same nature to be sure your test results are accurate. Saying you need water to make brownies was the hypothesis. But how much? Water we can measure in a cup, we can even see it taste it smell it etc, unlike ADHD. So we know it exists. Therefore, then we just keep making brownies using various amounts of water till we have a succesful batch. And we record and mark each batch so we keep track of how much water each batch had. Then we check the consistency of each batch and find the one by measuring that consistency again like ina measuring cup or using some other measurement system to finally find the answer to our question. That would include though a batch of brownies with no water at all. To be sure that one even needs water. And then the ultimate outcome tells you water is real you can see it taste it touch it swallow it etc, it is necesary to make brownies and it is necesary in aproximately such and such an amount. That is how science works. So the negative information is as critically important as the information that supports the theory or hypothesis one starrted with. The finished baked batch with no water in it is as important as the one with the correct amount of water in it. So are all the others no matter how much water they contain. Every batch has a value.

ADHD research, they don't publish half the batches. or bake them in this case. They don't say it takes water to make brownies, they say, instead if you have a certaina mount of water in your brownies the dough will be messed up. They are right... But they don't get a measuring cup. And they don't have something tangible like water to measure. And they don't bake various batches and they don't put any value to batches they make without water. So the findinds are biased and based solely on opinion. That isn't science. And this is a point i have been trying to explain and make clear for a looong time. Science is open to all possibilities science takes all tangible evidence intoo account. They only want a letter from 1 teacher when diagnosing ADHD because they worry a second letter from another teacher might contradict the first whaqt if it does? What if the parent thinks their kid is fine walks in and walks out with a labled kid and is then told to medicate that kid or that the kid will be taken away from them? This has happened to MANY parents in many of these cases their child was placed in foster care by the state back into their home. In some cases they were taken off by the parent because the parent never saw anythihng wrong with their kid till the drug. And then because of the drug the kid started seeing things thaqt weren't there so the parent stopped medication kid got taken by the state and then placed back in the parent's home (the parent who had had their kid taken away for child neglect) and was then forced because the kid was now the state's child to medicate their kid into delusions. But how can we call this science when it isn't? Because it isn't. There are no standards of scientific anything that are applied. there is nothing conclusively hard and tangible that can be measured. Bu i can conclusively and tagibly prove my blood flow and lack of regularity.

So before i spend all this money on a subjective opinion and on a more factual and scientific test, collecting data on the likelyhood that they are related so that i can run one ADHD test before and one after i am treated or it is conclusively shown what is going on with my hormones makes logical sense so that i can have a proper foundation to even ask the right question or make a hypothesis that is even testable. I already know i have ADHD. So do i relaly need to retest again for it? Should i bother testing for it afterwards? Could the 2 be linked? Could i be misdiagnosed all these years?

Those are my questions and my hypothesis. So now i am collecting data to see weather these questions even merit testing in my case before i put myself through it all. I realize no one is a doctor. But unlike the biast adhd researchers, your lack of ADHD is as fundimental in it's value to answering my question as is hearing someone else diagnosed with it with the exact same problem. Because, i am an archaeologist and i hold to a standard of evidence. It's just that testing is a pain and expensive so better to run the research first see what i can find before i go into it with merely the hypothesis question/s to be answered. Does this make sense? I am not interested in biast information that supports the answer of yes i was misdiagnosed or no i wasn't or yes this is the root cause of adhd or no it isn't. I am interested in seeing weather it is worth it to even run the tests that can answer those questions for me and as a scientist, a critical part of that is just gathering evidence, *all* of it, supportive evidence and the non supportive.
So again thank you!

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Posted:Feb 10, 2009 2:06:08 PM

Maybe you can call your OBGYN. Irregular cycles can be linked to thryoid or other physical conditions. Medications can also interfere with conception. In fact, most physicians will tell you to go completely off medications for a few months before trying. They say you can take any over the counter medications. In addition to taking pre-natal vitamins or folic acid.

My friend has epilepsy and her doctor told her to remain on medication during her pregnancy. She had 2 healthy children.

It's best to ask your doctor about what medications, antiboitics or vitamins you should or shouldn't use when trying to conceive. Let us know what happens. Good luck trying.


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Posted:Feb 10, 2009 5:10:39 PM

Thank you too.... But ummm, we are not quite ready to sttart trying yet. But soon. I am off my medicine. Or i have about 2 days worth lefct then i am out.... Ummm Yeh i will not be taking anything but vitamins during my pregnancy and only over the counter stuff as my doctor tells me is apropriate in doctor aproved dosages.

I am sure there are some ppl who stay on very serious meds and relaly need them super badly and stuffs and i am sure some of them have kids and their kids are fine even when they stay medicated through pregnancy. I am also quite sure some kids aren't so fine. Most doctors are good people who just want to help. But, there are also the 'experts' and my feelings towards them are not so warm and fuzzy. But that is another matter....

I don't have an obgyn as of yet and i dunno when i will get one. What i know is something has been weird for a long time and i want to just see if anyone else has similar problems and experiences and symptoms that have been or could be mistaken for ADHD or if maybe this is a common issue in people with ADHD. Maybe it isn't. Probably not. But what if it is? Wouldn't that be interesting?

I am quite certain i have not got a thyroid condition. I had already thought of that. Went to the doctor had it checked. But thanx for the suggestion. I just said that it runs in my family and i just wanted a full work up related to that and any and every other known issue in my family before i left for Vienna. Just to make sure i wouldn't have to return too soon and wouldn't have any problems while i am here beyond something minor as well the spoken english here is really not so good. And though i speak quite decent german i am not really knowledgeable on hmmm words for certain things as relate to medical health and stuff. so for me to go talk to a doctor about something would be a total drag. One i will have to go through eventually no doubt soone ror later. Rather do it later so i can try to learn some of the more adult words i am not familiar with as i spoke german as a child never really as an adult except to sing Mozart. But living here is helping and soon i can talk about it but before i spend the money i just want to know if it is just me or if others have had such experiences.
Thanx for your well wishes and best of luck to you too.

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Posted:Feb 12, 2009 9:09:22 PM

Perhaps checking into the wonderful book

You Mean I am Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid

written by two women who were diagnosed with ADD as adults, Unfortunately, these gals had "diagnosed" themselves as "Lazy" "Crazy" and/or "Stupid"

Grace and Peace.

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