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Posted Feb 16, 2009 at 6:38:11 PM

Can anyone give an opinion on Key to Algebra (Key Math) or Discovering Algebra (Murdock - same publisher) - or on any other book/computer programs that have been useful?

Some background: My almost 16 yr. old son just squeaked through gr. 10 Applied (college not university bound) math - - we had a tutor - acquired too late in the course, unfortunately, but she left on vacation two weeks before the exam, whereupon my son got very sick with a fever/flu that knocked him out for the final review week. He had so much catch up to do, and two big exams before the math one that he did not study much and went into panic mode, so I am not sure if his mark of 55 was a good indicator. His term mark was 60-65, with much unevenness (example: 80 in trig, 50 in the first unit algebra test etc.)

He has had three three to four week intensive summer sessions with Dr. Steve Truch's Discover Math program in Calgary (based on Lindamood programs and well thought of) - much progress in year one. Slow but steady progress in yr. 2 and 3. His slow progress makes a repeat of that expensive venture a non starter.

His teacher recommended Workplace (lowest level) of math based on his results, but he wants to take wildlife technology at college, which demands college (applied) math. Algebra seems to be the stumbling block. (He has strengths - took most of his courses at the academic/honors level in gr. 9 and 10, did well on the physics component of science in the higher level academic stream, oddly. The teacher of that course would have recommended him for University level gr. 11 math but for his poor work habits. (had a 75-80 term mark going into the exam but, again, did very little study and hit panic mode.)

I would like to rehire the tutor, who is excellent, and get her to work through a good pre-algebra/algebra program with him for March-June if I can find the right program, one that builds confidence and is well geared to his needs. He is a slow processor, has NLD, but has superior verbal scores, and so can apply some strengths on that side.

I hate to see him hit the wall when his career goal is such a firm one. I need to have a good talk with him about work habits, of course. He let the math slide until we got the tutor. He knows that gr. 11 and 12 marks count big for college however.

Thank you in advance for your advice.


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