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possible auditory processing disorder?

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Posted Feb 18, 2009 at 2:37:27 PM
Subject: possible auditory processing disorder?

Hi all, I havent posted in a long time, but am back. I recently requested a copy of my son's complete special ed file as we are anticipating filing for social security. (His diagnosis is bipolar, adhd, conduct disorder and LD) In reviewing his records I found a copy of an evaluation done almost 5 years ago that I swear I never have seen before. I had requested an evaluation for auditory processing disorder back at that time, knew the evaluation was done but was told he didn't meet criteria. Now that I have that eval in my hands I can see that his scoring on the subtests were extremely scattered. I am hoping someone out there is familiar with the TAPS-UL and can tell me what these scores mean and whether is low scores in several subtests are clinicly significant. Had I seen this eval back then, I would have insisted on a private eval but I stupidly didn't demand a copy.

Here goes - tell me what you think:

Subtests scaled score % ranks
Auditory Number Memory 12 79
Auditory Number Memory 10 45
Auditory Sentence Memory 8 23
Auditory Word Memory 9 39
Auditory Interpretation 10 45
of directions
Auditory Word Discrimiation 14 92
Auditory Processing 16 97

Auditory Qotient: 108 Percentile Rank 71

Thanks all for your help

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