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Concerned about auditory processing disorder

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Posted Feb 19, 2009 at 11:58:41 PM
Subject: Concerned about auditory processing disorder

I have an appointment with an audiologist in April to rule out auditory processing disorders. My son is 8.5 and he had his IQ tests done over a year and a half ago. At the time he was anemic and had fluid in his ears. His test scores were severely low averaging 61 for and IQ, The Ed psycologists and speech pathologist said he had weak language, communication and social skills. He has seen a speech pathologist but now on waiting lists. He has shown some improvement in the social aspect and language but still struggles in the processing and problem solving aspect in the classroom. He needs a lot of one on one and repetition and then eventually understands. My pediatrician wants the IQ tests done again and an audiologist to rule out auditory processing disorder. We have to pay out of our pocket but so worth it for my son. Has anyone experienced similiarities and am I on the right track?

We also will have a child psychologist to look at him after this is ruled out on the cognitive side. He is a bright boy and wants to learn but becomes frustrated as any child would. I just want to help him!

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Posted:Feb 25, 2009 9:02:34 PM

My daughter (age 7) has dyslexia and other assoc. LD's. They also want to screen her for auditory processing. We went through the psychologist first, then the speech pathologist, then OT. I do not know if the auditory would be the first step, but I am not an expert. Trust your mother instincts. You know your child better than anyone.

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Posted:Feb 28, 2009 2:19:37 PM

Auditory Processing is considered to be a secondary diagnosis. So, you are still looking for something more global.

CAPD is usually tested around age 9, since the meyline heath on the brain is still thinning out and auditory processing is still maturing.

The most important thing is the therapies and services. If he is getting what he needs, this will help. Speech therapy also helps CAPD.


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Posted:Mar 12, 2009 3:34:56 AM

Auditory processing (comprehending was is said) can impact an IQ score because some of the subtests require listening to information presented orally. If a child is slow to process what is being said, or doesn't completely get the idea of what is being said, then they can do poorly on those tasks.

Also, some children have expressive language problems which can also impact and IQ test. The Verbal portions require putting your thoughts/idea into words. If a child has the correct thoughts in his head, but just can't put them into words, this would affect the score also.

Children who have one or both of these problems should be given a Test of Nonverbal Intellegence (TONI) or other IQ test that doesn't rely on verbal communication--either receptive or expressive.

You didn't say if the scores for one section of the test (verbal vs. performance) were higher than the other.

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