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help! due to my statistics class I might flunk out of colleg

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Posted Feb 25, 2009 at 2:21:43 PM
Subject: help! due to my statistics class I might flunk out of colleg

I have always had problems with math and numbers as ling as I can remember.

I can retain numbers for sometimes only an hour, and formulas and math language might as well be chinese.

I was homeschooled, so my mom never "failed" me, but spent lots of time trying to help me and sending me to tutors. But none the less, I still scramble numbers when I try to repeat them back, and I have to count on my fingers to do simple adding.

so now Im in college to be a counselor and I have one math class I have to pass. And I simply cant do it.

Im taking it for the second time now, and the highest I can make is a 50 on a test.

Im not stupid, and I am above average in most every other area, but because of my math problems I may not be able to graduate.

HELP! please e-mail me astrickland@tfc.edu

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You didn't mention if you receieved accomodations? I'm sure your college has Learning Disabilities Department. You should go to them ASAP and ask for help. If it's too late into the semster for you to bring your grade up to a passing level, you should probably drop the course with a W grade. If you can retake in next year make sure you have a tutor. I'll have to take statistics eventually, so I can relate.

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I'm also interested to know what accomodations you recieve. Extra time on tests, taking tests in multiple parts, and recording your lectures may help some. Removing the time pressures can often make a big difference. Write down the numbers as much as possible, don't hold them in your head. The real world doesn't require you to know equations from memory, see if your prof will allow you a cheat card. A little communication can go a long way, even if your uncomfortable about it, there's nothing to loose. You might also want to get a transparent calculator, they make em for overhead projectors, that way you can see the calculator and the numbers on the page together. What ever happens don't let this defeat you. One little math class is a really stupid reason not to get a degree. There's nothing wrong with taking the class again. If circumstances don't allow you to stay on at your current school then take a class somewhere else that'll transfer, don't let one class ruin all the work you've put into this degree.

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I requested and received accommodation for my math classes. The LD center was very helpful. For my accommodation I was allowed to take the test in a private room in the LD center and of course, with extended time. A private room was important for me as I could then literally speak the problems through which allowed my mind to slow down, helping concentration. Good luck to you.

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