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questions for special education teachers

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Posted Mar 03, 2009 at 12:30:26 AM
Subject: questions for special education teachers

hello! I'm an education student. We were tasked to interview some SPED teachers about their feelings and beliefs in teaching special learners. I hope you guys could help me by answering the following questions! Thank you so much! :)

Number of years teaching special learners:
School type: Private / Public / Sectarian / Non Sectarian
Salary Range:
Highest Educational Attainment:

1.Before you taught SPED, how did you prepare yourself and your skills?
2. What are some of your experiences that you wouldn’t forget in teaching special learners?
3. How do you motivate yourself to continue teaching special learners?
4. How do you compare the feeling in teaching SPED compared to preschool or highschool?
5.How do you take care of yourself as a teacher of special learners?
6. Were there times when you felt that you wanted to stop teaching SPED already?
How did you overcome this?
7.What are the instances when you can say that you are satisfied in teaching special learners?
8. What are your beliefs in teaching special learners? Do these influence you in terms of your teaching?
9. What are the qualities of a SPED teacher that you think you still need to improved on? Why do you think there is a need for that?
10. What are your own philosophies in teaching special learners?

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