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Yelling and screaming at my ADD child

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Posted Mar 06, 2009 at 3:44:16 AM
Subject: Yelling and screaming at my ADD child

Hi I am new here and am hoping someone can help. I am a single mom of two boys. My seven year old was diagnosed as ADD a year ago.
He and I have always had a 'clash of personality'. I have been heavily criticized by my family for this since he was about two. I don't deal with him well at all. I tend towards yelling and screaming in frustration, usually at about 5pm - crisis hour.
The thing is I am not sure how to change my behaviour. I know that this probably makes him act worse rather than better. I need to stop throwing temper tantrums (yes that's pretty much what they are) when he doesn't do what he is told to.
Does anyone know of any websites which would offer help or have any ideas?

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