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Progress- at last

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Posted May 02, 2009 at 5:27:23 PM
Subject: Progress- at last

Hi. My son Joseph is 8 and in a special education self contained third grade class. He has done so well this year. He made honor roll each marking period.

Next year, he will be in a regular class for 4th grade, home room period. Then he gets pulled out into resource room for most of his classes with a special education teacher who will intergrate regular education work. Then, he gets his specials like music and computers and then returns to his home room class at the end of the day, for his things.

He is doing close to regular third grade math. He is 2 grades behind in reading still like a first grade level. He will go to summer school and tutoring over the summer.

My daughter had difficulty with spelling tests in first grade. The in-class support helped and so did the vision therapy. She is reading at a kindergarten level. The school thinks, it needs to click. So, she can't have a very relaxed summer. She will go to summer school for language arts and do the www.raz-kids.com reading program.

So, I am a very happy mom to see my kids progress. Thanks for your support.


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Posted:May 02, 2009 5:59:03 PM

Wow, that is great.

Thank you for supporting your kids! And thank you for getting them the right support that has given them the platform they need to continue to grow and acheive.

As an adult who was a child with LD, no one ever thanked me for how hard i worked to get really anywhere and everywhere. Support goes a long way and a parent who loves them goes even further. But, the work they do *they* do. And they do it for you. Because they love you as much as you love them. As i was a child who no one ever thanked for my effort or cooperation even when it was my worst nightmare and was hell on earth and very painful for me.... I feel an obligation to just make a gentle reminder... Just in case... Don't forget to thank your kids for their effort and the labor they have put into making you so happy. Because truly they don't do it because they care about the stuff they are doing in school. They do it, because they care about you.

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Posted:May 03, 2009 10:51:40 AM

I understand a little bit where you are coming from. I think what helped me the most is having a counselor come to the house when my kids were in Early Intervention. I was able to review my childhood issues, throw out the garbage and make new values. For example, I never celebrated the holidays. After my kids were born, I had to decide if this was important. I decided to learn to celebrate holidays and prepare meals and do kid things.

Having a family was a healing grace for me. I was able to undo my childhood pain and re-do it with my kids.

I was always known as coming from the Dysfunctional family. I always thought my husband was from the perfect family. Now, I realize I was parented okay. My husband has underlying issues and pain with how he was raised and parented.

We can choose to work through our childhood issues or not to do it and just get divorced. Divorce is the easy way out.

While I need to reflect on the past from time to time, I try to live in the moment, for each day is a blessing that can't be given again. Each day has new hope, new meaning and new growth. I am thankful for each day as well as the progress my kids make.


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