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7th grader with NLD - HELP PLEASE!!! Need PA suggestions

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Posted May 12, 2009 at 10:44:01 AM
Subject: 7th grader with NLD - HELP PLEASE!!! Need PA suggestions

Good morning everyone. What a blessing this website is.

Since we are new to the area, I'm hoping for some parent recommendations in the following areas, and then will describe her issues below that.

1) In need of a wonderful child psychologist in Harrisburg, PA that connects well wth children like this.

2) Social Skills groups in Harrisburg area.

3) Support group for parents of children with this disorder.

We have a daughter that was diagnosed with NVLD and language processing disorder when she was in the 3rd grade. She is completing 7th grade right now.

She is on an IEP. We moved to PA (Harrisburg) last August and Emily is starting to show signs of anxiety due to social issues. She is driven accademically and doing pretty good with that aspect.

Her Social skills are another issue. Anyone who has a child with this disabilty will understand what I'm talking about. She imagines things and circumstances to be much differently in some aspects than they really are. She has a lot of pride and won't advocate for herself. she frequently will yell things out of context to her friends and peers. She doesn't like for me to get involved and I will admit that I'm over protective when it comes to her. As a result, she is struggling in this area. She had two friends and her disability has compromised these relationships.

She's depressed and starting to show signs of withdrawing at times. PMS makes this all worse.

We did have early intervention with her in form of a very well developed IEP in the state we moved from. Brain Gym to integrate her left and right hemisphere.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted:May 13, 2009 11:37:50 PM

Hi! I have a 7th grade boy. He really likes drama and fits in so much better with those kids. They are more accepting of differences. We found a theater group that has a teen company and they all hang out together and its been great.

Another good activity that also really teaches social skills is Destination Imagination. It starts in October and is usually run thru the school. Its a creativity/acting/building team competition. Its in the final phase now, but something to think about for fall. Its is very time intensive but really great.

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Please make sure your child has their vision tested by a Developmental Optometrist. I am not sure how this relates to your situation - but, 90% of kids who have difficulty reading comes back to their eye sight. I visited an opthomologist 2x and he said my son's vision was perfect - never referring me to anything else even after I explained difficulties... And, many books never said to do this... so, watch out. I finally got it straight from this site: http://ontrackreading.com/ and I followed through.. I hope this helps, at least with academics.

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