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Parenting my nephew with special needs

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Posted May 14, 2009 at 7:28:16 PM
Subject: Parenting my nephew with special needs

I am a new full-time parent to my 7 year old nephew following the very unexpected death of my sister. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD and is currently being treated with Tenex 1 1/2 mg a day. He is in a special education program that allows him to attend mainstream education as well as receive the individual attention he so often needs. He currently sees a psychiatrist once a month to manage his med and a counselor once every week to discuss management of his behavior. While I had a very close relationship with my sister and nephew before she passed I am feeling pretty clueless as to how to manage him on a daily basis. I have 7 year old and 5 year old daughters at home also. Can anyone recommend any resources, books or spare any advice about the discipline techniques you use on a daily basis? I don't want to set him up for failure by expecting too much and I don't want to set the precedence that I will let the behavior slide either. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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