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Using multiple reading programs?

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Posted Jun 02, 2009 at 9:20:03 AM
Subject: Using multiple reading programs?

My son is 6, entering 1st, classified SLD, long history of speech & language issues. I'm fairly certain, based on my research, that he has dyslexia.

Here is my question:

Can using multiple reading programs be confusing or counter-productive (ie, one program in school, a different program for tutoring)? Or is any and all tutoring/extra help beneficial in some way?

I am anticipating he will be using Project Read in the fall (1 hr reading/30 min writing pullout small group), but the district is offering a 16 session summer course using Orton Gillingham/Wilson (that's how they have it worded - I thought they were 2 different programs too!). My concern is that the summer program will at best be unproductive, and at worst render him more confused and frustrated when he starts a different program in September.

Any thoughts?

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Posted:Jun 02, 2009 10:10:48 AM

no expert here but from what i've learned combining different approaches can be confusing. the developmental psych we spoke with recently recommended us pulling our daughter(3rd grade - dyslexic) out of the school's reading help program (Title 1) once we have found an afterschool tutoring program (Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, Lindamood-Bell, etc). The summer program you mentioned is using 2 different methods but i wonder if Wilson is based on OG? Anyhow, they're both highly effective. Possibly more so than the Project Read for a dyslexic child. HTH!

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Posted:Jun 09, 2009 9:34:53 PM

Yes, you are right. It can cause confusion for a student to use multiple programs -- especially if they are being studied concurrently (during school and then at home after hours). From what I gather from your post, one program would be done during the summer (Wilson) and then switched to the other (Project Read) during the school year.

What are your options? Is there any chance that during ths school year, the school would consider continuing the Wilson instruction if it proves effective? Does your child have an IEP?

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